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Allowing GRIT to Create the Pearls

Temporal Eureka? Or Flowing Abundance!

It’s not often in my life that the flow of abundance in my life gets challenged by an errant order, or too much change for my purchase. And I have never been the discoverer of an abundant bank bag errantly flung from an armored truck along the side of a road. Surely you have heard at least one story in your lifetime related to someone that found a treasure of some sort; a treasure that seemingly would change the discoverer’s life, only for them to return it even while the victim of the loss is unknown. Crazy, right?

Well today was different for me as I received five of an item I ordered one of; a value of $80 for the price I paid of $16. Honestly my initial reaction was… SCORE!

manifesting abundance best life
~Just keeping it real here, ok?

But then I began to think about the processes I’ve been enjoying on my path to achieving my BEST life. I’ve got big dreams, far bigger outcomes than accepting a small savings based on someone else’s error. SO? I am sending the extra items back.

How Silly… Right?

PAY ATTENTION to your thoughts in response to this and simply appreciate it as feedback about your very own personal path. It’s truly an interesting self-study! I will be the first to admit, I have responded differently than this all my life. I have been the incredulous one questioning the sanity of the persons that call the sheriff when a bank bag containing a large sum of cash was discovered. Read on to find out why I am changing this!

abundance manifestation flow
Standing in the flow of abundance!

Not the Same, and I Don’t Want the Same

As I continue on in The Master Key Experience, things that seemed small and insignificant, such as the thought of considering it lucky to receive more than I paid for, grow in importance.

“But surely that company paid pennies on the dollar for the item I bought.”,

“Nobody will care or be any different if you keep those items.”,

“Well the seller should be more careful about their inventory.”

I can honestly say that those sentences above reflect thoughts I have experienced before. Can you relate?

I wish to be riding in an imminent flow of abundance, both to and from myself! If I fail this small, insignificant-seeming test, where does that leave me? If I am seeking My Best for my life, how do these “small” acts of COMMISSION align with my dreams? Answer…

They DON’T!

Perhaps the mega seller of these items would never notice or care. But that is not the point! Perhaps there will be no direct reward for my gesture. Again, not the point. The point is how the seemingly insignificant matters, and will align or directly contrast with the flow of abundance in my life, as directly controlled by my own decisions.

I’m Playing a Bigger Abundance Game!

The treasure I am seeking with every fiber of my being far surpasses any trinket of acknowledgement rewarded by another well-meaning person. I have no intention of sounding harsh, but wish to convey that the ultimate reward for me to consider is basking in the dynamic flow of abundance!

Through my journey forward to my best, one thing I have promised is to give without expectation of reciprocity from the channels I enrich, because I am in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving. I wish to do ALL things to remain in that flow because my dreams are big! If I TAKE even a pittance that doesn’t belong to me, how on earth can I remain in dynamic flow? How can I receive big gifts if I allow myself to get hung up on the smallest things?

Since I choose to BE my best when tested with this small exercise amongst others, I cannot wait to see the results in my life. Join me in this adventurous journey and stay tuned as I share more flow of abundance as exhibited in my life!

manifestation abundance travel
“Revealing the GOLD!”
The Grand Palace of Bangkok, Thailand, one of many travels that teach me so much.

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  1. This is so beautiful!!! I absolutely love it! Watching the exponential, organic growth in you in the last 10 months is exhilarating! Thank you!!!

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