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Am I Taking Flight? Or Choosing Fight?

Confessions of a Girl Once Chronically in Flight

Fight or flight? Which do you choose?
Taking wings or taking flight?

The flight or fight response: a pivotal choice of the sentient psyche since life has existed on earth. Such an essential response when being chased by a predator, or experiencing natural disaster or thwarting potential and foreseen injury. This fantastic primal aspect has benefitted humankind for millennia and continues to do so. We all know stories of super-human strength empowering a person to respond in emergency- adrenaline pumps and someone single-handedly lifts a car off another, for example. That’s a fascinating article linked above, by the way! ;o)

This response has historically served and benefitted humankind in countless ways. But how has contemporary life distorted this primal function, often to our detriment? I can certainly shed some light inward to find some ways! But better yet, I am privileged to share how the Master Key Experience is helping me to peel away layers to access my most excellent life!

Magnify the good things!
May I forever expand as a vessel of abundant magic to share with those I encounter!

Fight the Urge to Take Flight! Do It Now!

Introspection is a natural byproduct of personal development. We often find ourselves looking for all the things we want to fix; what’s wrong that we want to make right. This beautiful Master Key Experience begins differently. It’s preamble is acknowledging the fact that we were born perfect. We were, “made first class, by first class,” as co-founder Mark Januszewski says.

This notion can be tough to digest early on. I’m perfect? Then why am I broke? Why am I sad? Why are things not working out for me? It’s simple. We allow this bird called life to poop on us repeatedly. As we mature we set aside our dreams and passions, telling ourselves we have no time for them. We decide our dreams are impractical and downright silly. We struggle on in survival mode, just trying to make it through daily challenges.

I’ve come to identify this phenomenon as my own personal flight mode. Looking back I acknowledge my tendency toward survivalist ways. I have vacated a place, an interaction, a relationship, a job, and more once I felt an insecurity within one of these things. Was I born with this? Thanks to my inner work I can emphatically say NO! My experiences have built layer upon layer upon layer of expectations, reactions & defenses over my driving core motive and purpose. I AM that innate and perfect being underneath the rubble and layers of experience. And I’ve got my chisel out, gently removing the layers of all that is not the I AM. Nobody states it better than the Master Michelangelo:

Michelangelo, sculptor

“The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.”

― Michelangelo

Yes, I AM already in there! Inside the superfluous material of experience! And I am excited to share more about this in my next post where I’ll tell all about a major change I’ve just experienced in my way of operating in and interacting with my life!

Stay tuned!

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I'm a recovering perfectionist cultivating joy, adventure and passion by observing and learning from and through my varying environments. I live unapologetically, yet humble; adventurously yet calculating of risks; creatively while forever working to enlarge my patience to continuously learn new things, within and without.

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