Peru Tour, August 2020: The Ultimate Itinerary!

We are Going to Peru! Who Wants to Join Us?

The Gallery at Liberty Bay August 2020 Peru Trip
Day 1 Lima Arrival at Lima Peru Jorge Chávez airport. You will be picked up from airport and transferred to our comfortable hotel located in spectacular Miraflores Lima District for you to relax after your flight. Free to explore as you wish and meet other travelers.
Day 2 Lima Tour of Lima! After a wonderful breakfast we will present information about the whole Peru tour then go out to explore the main square of Lima City. Step back in time visiting Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco and its incredible catacombs. Lunch break, then drive you to explore the wonders of the Larco Museum. the evening where you can explore on your own! The museum contains one of Peru’s finest historical collections devoted to the country’s pre-Columbian peoples. Back to the hotel for
Day 3 Lima Tour of Lima continues with a visit to the Maximo Laura Museum. We pick you up in the morning from the hotel and drive you to the museum. There you will learn how his spectacular tapestries are designed and created. Explore his private collection of tapestries and immerse yourself into the colorful world of Maximo Laura. Maximo himself is designated as Peru’s “Living Human Treasure”. Afterward we return to the hotel for you to enjoy a free afternoon/evening with fellow travelers as tomorrow we fly to Arequipa!
Day 4 Arequipa After a hearty breakfast at the hotel we pick you up and transfer you back to the Lima airport for our flight to Arequipa. Upon landing we travel to another great hotel to check in and have lunch together. After lunch we head to the Monastery of Santa Catalina and Juanita’s Mummy, also known as the Lady of Ampato. Time magazine chose her as one of the world’s top 10 discoveries. After a break, we’ll visit the mystical atmosphere of Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa, the most important Catholic church of the city and also of the larger Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Arequipa. Then we return you to the hotel.
Day 5 Arequipa Tour of Arequipa continues visiting many great and unique workshops in the city where you will learn about embroidering and then visit other Alpaca fiber workshops. After your day of exploring we return to the hotel to reminisce with other travelers on the day we’ve had. Dinner and evening exploration encouraged, grab someone and explore more into the night. Hopefully you’ve been taking your Diamox as tomorrow we hit 16,000 feet of elevation going to Colca Canyon.
Day 6 Colca Canyon In the morning we pick you up from the hotel to drive to the Colca Canyon, about a 5-hour drive. Passing over an incredible 16,000 feet above sea level mountain road pass (that’s much higher than any mountain in the lower 48 contiguous states in America). Arrive for lunch in the town of Chivay, the capital of the Caylloma province at 12,000 feet above sea level. After lunch we head to our hotel to rest and get acclimated to the elevation as we overnight here. Smoking or heavy exertion is not advised due to altitude and thin air. Slow and easy wins the day here.
Day 7 Colca Canyon Very early breakfast so we can drive to the Mirador Cruz del Condor view point to see the Condors flying in the National Park Reserve. Incredible views and spectacular scenery like no place on Earth. Walk a few hundred yards from the “Cruz” to feel like you have the place to yourself! After viewing we head back to Chivay to start the long 5-6 hour trip to Puno. Along the way there are ample opportunities to enjoy the great views, wonderful Alpaca and Llama farms and the rare Vicunas in their natural habitat. Lunch break of sandwiches as we arrive in Puno where Lake Titicaca is located. Hotel overnight in Puno to rest for the next days trip to Lake Titicaca.
Day 8 Puno Early morning, we drive to the port of Lake Titicaca where we board our boat to Taquile Island (28 miles from shore) and visit families (population 2,200) living on the floating island that’s almost 14,000 feet about sea level. In 2005, “Taquile and Its Textile Art” were honored by being proclaimed “Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO. Walking around Taquile Island to explore and have lunch there, then return to shore for the trip back to Puno for the evening at our hotel.

The Gallery at Liberty Bay 2020 Peru Trip

Day 9 Puno- Cusco

After an amazing breakfast we take off for the long 7-8 hour drive North to Cusco. Along the way we stop to visit Raqchi, Temple of Wiracocha, another incredible

After lunch we continue on to Andahuaylillas just 25 miles South of Cusco. Andahuaylillas

is called the “Sistine Chapel” of the Americas and for good reason. After exploring we arrive

in Cusco for checking in at the hotel. Exploring Cusco in the afternoon and evening, then

rest at the hotel.

After breakfast we will drive to Chinchero, a small Andean Indian village located high up on the windswept plains of Anta. There we participate in the weaving and dyeing natural colors course using Alpaca fiber wool. Explore the market area for incredible fiber art. After that we return to the hotel in Cusco for the evening and to prepare for tomorrow’s trip to Machu Picchu.

Inca archaeological site.

Day 10 Cusco

After enjoying another great breakfast, we will walk around Cusco visiting the workshops in San Blas artisanal neighborhood. You will be surrounded by stone walls and see the famous huge 12-sided stone fit perfectly into the walls. After lunch we will visit the Cathedral and Sun Temple of Cusco and finish our walking tour in the local market, a feast for the eyes!

Day 11 Cusco

Day 12

Machu Picchu

Ready for a busy yet incredible day? This morning we’re off to Pisaq! We will visit the huge artisanal market there, one of the most famous markets in the Cusco region. After lots of ogling the incredible market items it’s off to the archeological site of Pisaq. In keeping with providing only the highest quality experiences of our tours, the Pisaq ruins are considered to be one of the finest remaining Inca archeologic sites in the entire country. Next on the agenda is to grab lunch at the incredible Huayoccari restaurant where you will experience and enjoy the hospitality of a traditional Peruvian family who greets you personally. After that incredible lunch experience, it’s off to Ollantaytambo for the Ollantaytambo ruins. Climb and explore a massive Inca fortress with large stone terraces on a hillside. Major sites within the complex include the huge Sun Temple and the Princess Baths fountain, absolutely breathtaking to be able to walk the stairs and streets where the Inca’s walked! And the day isn’t over yet! Next, we board the train to Machu Picchu Town, now called Aguas Calientes. The train follows the valley and river where you can see people walking the actual Inca Trail just across the river from you. Besides the incredible sights along the train route, there is funny and entertaining characters on the train to entice you to purchase local hand made textiles and goods, this alone is worth the journey for the entertainment value. Be careful though as you are likely to be pulled into the aisle as one of their participants in the show! Lots of photo opportunities for sure. Arriving at Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu Town) we disembark the train for the hotel. Exploring the small town is amazing… every tiny side-street offers something new. Enjoy dinner with the friends you have made and get rest for tomorrow it’s Machu Picchu!

Day 13 Machu Picchu

After another great breakfast we check out from the hotel and grab a bus to Machu Picchu ruins. After about a 30-minute drive on numerous switch-backs where the scenery gets better and better, we arrive to Machu Picchu majestic Inka ruins. Machu Picchu was voted one of
the New Seven Wonders of the World in a worldwide Internet poll. Here we enter a place that literally defies words to describe it. It truly is a place to be experienced vice trying to describe it. Walk with the ancients, be amazed at their city. After you’ve photographed enough, put the camera down, sit on the hillside and just take in what you are seeing. Take 30 minutes just sitting there, no camera, let your senses document it all. It will be far more memorable that a picture, trust me on this. Sadly, we must eventually depart back to Aguas Calientes for lunch then take the train back to Ollantaytambo to catch the bus to Cusco. What an experience the train ride back will be too!

Day 14 Cusco Lima

And with great sadness we pick you up from your hotel to transfer you to the international airport of Cusco for your flight back to Lima to wait for your individual flights home. Over the last couple weeks, we have made great friends and experienced incredible things, it’s always a very tearful moment when we have to part ways and head back to our homes. Hope you thoroughly enjoyed our trip, tell your friends about your experiences and maybe see you on another of our incredible excursions soon!

Extended stay?

If saying goodbye is too hard there is the unique opportunity to dive deep into the culture with a special 4 days at our local guide’s parents farm! Yes, this is a VERY special opportunity for sure. Interested? Continue to next page.

The Gallery at Liberty Bay 2020 Peru Trip

Day 1 Accha Spectacular days await as you delve into the local culture. Our guide will drive you about 4 hours through the mountains along the South part of Cusco, pass by Acomayo, capital of the province Acomayo. Crossing two mountain ranges and the two rivers Apurimac (popular for white water rafting) and Velille (an upper tributary of the Apurimac), many small towns where tourist activities do not exist. In the afternoon you will arrive in the district of Accha close to their family farm. Accommodations are at 9,500 feet above sea level but you should be acclimated from previous excursions. You’ll have the afternoon free to explore.
Day 2 Huayno In the morning we visit the small village Huyayno by horse or walking then return to the home for the afternoon to help out a little around home, then have a great dinner.
Day 3 Accha After a great breakfast at home, we leave very early to the town of Accha in order to visit a wonderful real food market and have lunch in a local restaurant. Accha is a VERY
traditional Peruvian town tourists are likely unfamiliar with. After exploring we finally return to home.
Day 4 Cusco After another wonderful breakfast at home, we drive back to Cusco through the province of Paruro. From Cusco you will fly to Lima for your flights back to your homes. Another goodbye after such a wonderful experience. We hope our hospitality at home and the Peruvian people has brightened your lives and made new friends. Thank you for allowing me to share my home with you. Safe journeys!

I’ve Got Goosebumps! MKE Heroes Journey 17HJ

I’m on my way- Goosebumps included!

About a week ago, I had a flash of a dream. In a very brief instant I was walking on a trail and came upon what I observed in my dream to be a tree growing brazil nuts. Not knowing their nature (they’re not even technically nuts) I saw a tree with the little orange slice-looking nuts hanging from their ends in the tree. And then I was awake. Why, you might ask, does this evoke goosebumps? Read on…

Why This “Brazil Nut Tree” Matters

Like so many things in our busy lives, I kept thinking about looking up information about the tree that produces brazil nuts. Every time, though, I was not in a place or space to dwell on it for even moments. Finally, while sitting at a coffee house, the thought occurred to me at The Right Moment. Oh. My. GOODNESS! Yes, goosebumps.

The Bertholletia excelsa Tree is found in the Amazonian forests of Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. It’s seeds grow in baseball-sized pods within the high-hanging canopy of these trees. The trees reach as high as 160 feet tall and can live for 500 years or more. They are actually more closely related to blueberries and persimmons than walnuts or pecans. Here’s a fascinating video about the industry built around this tree:

Very interesting significance this tree provides those who labor to wrest its fruits!

Did Someone Say Peru?

Since I am hosting a tour of Peru as part of my Definite Major Purpose, it would be reasonable to think that this is where the uncanniness of this dream resides. But wait, there’s more; so much more!

Sharing Day 3 of our Peru Tour! It’s Happening!

The Brazil Nut Tree & The Heroes Journey!

Agouti, a rodent found in South America and the only other animal besides humans that can open the seed pods containing brazil nuts! So unlikely for us to have the privilege of enjoying brazil nuts, isn't it? Goosebumps!

Bring on the goosebumps! Delving further into the nature of the Bertholletia excelsa tree, there are only two animals that can open it’s sturdy seed pods: a small rodent called an agouti (pictured left) and we humans; that is with the help of axes or machetes. As viewed in the video above, there’s no easy method to access those seeds!

Image of an Orchid Bee, the only pollinator capable of pollinating the brazil nut tree! Gives me goosebumps to think that this tree couldn't survive without depending on only one insect!
One Bug for the job!

Perhaps the most unusual characteristic of this tree rests within its pollination. Consequently, there is only one, yes one, insect that can successfully pollinate the trees flowers! The orchid bee is the solitary insect that is big enough and possesses a long enough tongue to pry open the flower’s hood to lap its nectar! Isn’t it amazing that nature provided ONE pollinator for a tree that grows throughout South America’s Amazon Rainforest, that lives for 500 years or more, whose known history begins at least with the Paleolithic era, some 11,000 years ago?

How Does This Correlate With My Journey?

Each and every one of us is here for a specific Purpose. As Og asserts, “Since the beginning of time, never has there been another with my mind, my heart, my eyes, my hands, my hair, my mouth. None that came before, none that live today, and none that come tomorrow can walk and talk and move and think exactly like me. All men are my brothers and yet I am different from each. I am a unique creature.”

“None can duplicate my brush strokes, none can make my chisel marks, none can duplicate my handwriting, none can produce my child and, in truth, none has the ability to sell exactly as I.” None can share my passion for the connection I sense within the realms of creativity across the world and its cultures quite the way I share it! I am a unique creature, just as you are! I began this self discovery with knitting, my first foray into something that lit a creative fire within me.

Goosebumps again! THERE Is ONLY One YOU!

Like the orchid bee, I am the only ME that can be what I am meant to be. It is the same with you; YOU are the only YOU that can share YOU and your passionate purpose with this world! Above all, we are each NATURE’S GREATEST MIRACLE! See? A momentary dream about an Amazonian seed-bearing tree. Not random in the least, and truly GOOSEBUMP evoking for sure!


Creative Force- Begging to Emerge! MKE Week 17

Is Your Creative Force Flow Slow?

The flow of creation inspiration courses through each and every being, yet as humans we tend to trample this flame that is our creative force. We are busy with chores, deadlines, errands. We answer our deepest yearnings with sentiments such as, “When I have time…”, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body,” or “I can’t even draw a stick figure”. Trust me; I hear sentiments like this on a daily basis from visitors to my art gallery.

What’s Really Happening Here?

I believe there is a hidden truth in sentiments such as these, not unlike the challenges we tend to face when asked who we are. How many times have we each answered this question with our occupation rather that who we ARE? It’s tough to answer when so overcome with tasks that become our identity- or so we think.

Years ago I was yearning for a creative outlet and -you guessed it- I was circling the issue since, “I didn’t have a creative bone in my body”. Once I became incapacitated by a surgery on my neck all my associated tasks came to a screeching halt. For a month I sat upright to “sleep”; my job as an in-home caregiver was put on indefinite hold; my occupation became trying to find something to do that I could do. Since I suddenly had ample time on my hands, I finally decided to take up a creative endeavor: knitting. Mind you, this was just before the breakout availability of YouTube! But creative force is not limited to technology, availability, absence or abundance of any kind!

My creative force began coming to life once I allowed myself the chance to make mistakes!
Another example of my knitting

Fear? Just Say No!

Let me circle back a moment to that hidden truth I mentioned. I believe there’s hidden truth behind most or all statements we use to shortchange ourselves and our opportunities: FEAR! I believe we EACH identify with an inner flame to be, do and have specific goals, dreams and outcomes. As a result of fear we are AFRAID to answer that call. Why? It’s all in the “what ifs”. I might have no talent? What if I don’t reach my goal? I may not accomplish…. SEE? It’s ALL based upon FEAR!

 Just say NO to FEAR.
Emancipate yourself from fear!

Food For Your Higher Self and Your Creative Force!

“The principal necessity is the strengthening of the mind so that it rises superior to the distractions and wayward impulses of the instinctive life and thus successfully overcomes in the conflict between the higher and lower self.” Here Haanel (Part 17, Sentence 19) addresses much the same I am trying to convey. It is instinctive for us to follow a path of “shoulds”, often of other peoples creation; lower self instincts. Similarly when we are following paths to please others or assimilate societal expectations with our lives, we are ignoring the Call from our higher self; we are ignoring our own creative force!

When you feel that inner flame burning within you, what lights that fire of passion within you? Above all do you devote time, concentration and endeavor toward that desire? If not, you are not working in harmony with natural law! “Your degree of success is determined by the nature of your desire. If the nature of your desire is in harmony with Natural Law, or the Universal Mind, it will gradually emancipate the mind and give you invincible courage!” (Haanel Part 17, Sentence 25). In contrast, the larger things we do for no other purpose than we “should” prove time and again to lead us to misgivings and regrets.

Such BOLD WORDS! The term “Emancipate” is such a powerful word, it compels me to share its definition!

Emancipate: To free from Bondage; to free from any controlling influence (such as traditional mores or beliefs).

My Own Emancipation Proclamation!

To put this in perspective I’ll share with you a thing I have been hesitating with. I wish to lead people to deeper connections with their creative lives. One way in which I wish to convey this is by hosting a phenomenal tour to Peru this August! I’ve previously visited Peru and I’m eager to share its riches with others! I’ve had this in my thoughts for months, however I haven’t added traction to getting the word out to the public or assembling marketing materials. Why? FEAR! Fear that I may not get participants. You know? I will gain NO participants if I don’t do these things! To be delaying for fear is just silliness. I am finished with fear, and trust you are encouraged to be as well!

Andean Knitting as taught by my teacher. Creative force needs no words to express itself!
What an amazing experience to learn without spoken language!

Please Take These With You!

“Vibration is the action of thought; it is vibration which reaches out and attracts the material necessary to construct and build,” (Haanel Part 17, Sentence 21).

“A definite purpose sets causes in motion which go out in the invisible world and find the material necessary to serve your purpose.” (Part 17, Sentence 27)

In addition, one more to zap your fears away:

“The mind may place the ideal a little to high and fall short of the mark; it may attempt to soar on untrained wings and instead of flying, fall to earth; but that is no reason for not making another attempt.” (Part 17, Sentence 12). -All is not lost with the first, or 100th or 1000th attempt!


MKE Week 5- Weaving a Rich Fabric

As I continue to develop the clearest mental picture of all I’m striving for, the fine construction of the Master Key texts enrich my experience. The word pictures developed therein so commonly apply to things I closely relate with. The most outstanding word picture developed to date which I most identify with, is that of weaving good cloth.

“Our mental material is now of the best kind; we can weave any kind of material we want; we can use any color we wish; we know that the texture is firm, that the material is solid, that it will not fade…” Haanel 5-11

I began weaving a few years ago. It is a trying experience in patience. It feels to be perhaps the most unforgiving art form when first encountered. It requires much time, steadfastness and materials. Needless to say, one does not consider the first project to be of finest quality, nor does one wish to use most premium of materials. There will be errors; mishaps; perhaps even frustrations leading to colorful verbiage.

Weaving the early cloth is not unlike constructing the first drafts of my Definite Purpose in Life. It can get sloppy; poorly formed and rife with vague ideas, not unlike missed warp threads in a woven pattern. This is certainly not the time when the threads of the finest quality are applied.

But if I maintain my focus; if I keep my goals in view and if I allow myself the “risk” of being vulnerable and patient enough to receive help as I continue to fine tune my mental image of my target, I WILL obtain the object of my desires- my dream life.

I have a friend that lives nearby. Very few people know that she weaves fabrics for virtually all of the Seattle designers, along with many French designers for which she is the exclusive provider of fabrics.

Her dharma finds her living her dream with the love of her life. She employs many disadvantaged individuals, giving them the ability to return to the workforce in a most unique way. She provides custom fabrics for numerous famous household names. Just recently she showed me a fabric she is completing for the exclusive use of a luxe fashion house many of us may never grace the doors of. The fabric she is creating for this company will be used as panels/drapery. The thread contents? Fine Gold, Silver and Copper. I shall press on until my definite purpose is ready to be constructed of such fine threads as these!


Try This Now! Invaluable Life-Changing Lessons of Nonverbal Learning

Learning a new skill from an expert is almost always a great privilege. 

Learning from an expert without having language as the prime communication method adds many impactful layers to the experience. Beginning Andean knitting in Peru was one of the greatest transformative experiences of my life. Andean lady KnittingMy teacher was a lovely Quechuan woman from the remote highlands. Her native local tongue was clearly not one that could deliver hints of meaning, as experienced with knowledge of the romance languages. Our communication was exclusively nonverbal.

Learning apart from the spoken word brings so many dimensions to taking on a new skill. Though I anticipated this before beginning this trip, nothing ever prepared me for this primal shift. I never expected the ways in which this special time affected me. Sitting with my newfound friend and watching her slowly demonstrate the steps then pausing and waiting for me to try to mimic her movements was immensely maternal. My subconscious memory must have traveled back to when I learned as an infant. Perhaps infancy is the only time when most have experienced nonverbal learning! I felt incredibly peaceful and not the slightest bit frustrated as I do sometimes when trying new things. I acquired an immediate and deep connection with this Quechuan woman. The atmosphere was thick with the sense of being in the midst of a life-changing event. I will never forget it and I can close my eyes and be back in the moment immediately!


Andean Teacher KnittingAndean bag in progress

Thinking about it, when was the last time you learned without language?

Apart from learning a second language by immersion, most of us would likely reply that it was back before our most cognitive recollections. Imagine the implications of returning to learning a new skill without the luxury of spoken communication at this very moment in your life! Could your knowledge be absorbed in unexpected new ways by nonverbal learning means?

When you learn a new skill in a nonverbal way, perhaps it elicits a different perspective derived from other cognitive processes. As Cornell University explains, skill mastery is associated with increased activity in areas of the brain not engaged in skill performance, and this shift can be detected in large-scale networks of the brain. During Studies there, increased brain activity was found after training, in the default network that is involved in self-reflective activities, including future planning and even daydreaming.

Putting it All Together

To summarize, I’ve verbalized as effectively as possible my recent experiences in nonverbal learning. Quite appropriately, words merely deliver a fraction of all I gained from learning without the use of words. As a result, I challenge each of us to find opportunities for absolute nonverbal communications. Whether you seek an opportunity to learn a new skill, enhance a relationship or simply experiment with a friend over coffee, it will truly promote a unique experience. Perhaps it will even be a life-changing event as it was for me!


The Top 5 Reasons You Must Start Knitting NOW!

Knitting, Your New Companion

Having begun knitting eleven years ago, especially in the past five years, I can attest how fulfilling and rewarding it is. Knitting has become my best inanimate companion. It has been my aid in passing appointment waiting times, my comfort in times of unexpected hardship or emergency, my focus enhancer in lectures. It even helped me realize that I CAN meditate. If you’ve knit in the past but the needles have been set aside, I challenge you to pick them up! If knitting is new to you, grab your friend who knits (I KNOW you have at least one), some needles and yarn and enjoy the journey now! Here’s why:

Lotus flower with sunrise1. It’s the new Meditation, without all the struggles!

Many of us believe that we simply are no good at meditating. In our hyper-paced, information-saturated world, we can’t seem to still the mind long enough for quiet focus. I remember the day I unexpectedly concluded that knitting WAS my meditation. Sitting down, I focused on the project at hand, and cleared my mind of noise, simply due to the need to pay attention to the project on my lap. Recalling all the past feeble and frustrating attempts at “clearing my mind”, I realized it was happening without my trying so hard. (Hello?! I’m a woman! I’m not sure if my mind will be clear after I die!) Knitting and other creative work like it grants the creator the space to narrow the focus and thus quiet the mind! Dr. Herbert Benson, a mind/body medicine expert and author of “The Relaxation Response,” says that the repetitive action of needlework can induce a relaxed state like that associated with meditation and yoga. I can personally attest to this!! And you produce something beautiful and useful as a result!

Knitting makes me happy2. Knitting is quite possibly the most natural anti-depressant from which one can benefit.

Carrie Barron, an assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University and co-author of the book, “The Creativity Cure: How to Build Happiness with Your Own Two Hands,” states that, “When we have a life-affirming project going on that grabs the self and gets it to work in a positive way, that is an anti-depressant.” I believe our intuitive nature as humans realizes this, albeit subconsciously. The next time you are at lunch downtown, on the subway or ferry during commute time or in a park, take a look around you. Now that you will be focusing on it my bet is that you will notice more people than ever before, knitting or perhaps crocheting. Once my husband spent time around me as my knitting habit developed, he began noticing men and women knitting everywhere!

3. Keep your brain in the game!

In a 2007 review, Sharon Gutman and Victoria Schindler surveyed scientific literature that analyzes the neurological basis for how hobbies relate to health and well-being. They found that engaging in such activities reduce the effects of stress-related diseases and slows cognitive decline. Studies have shown activities like knitting and quilting, card-playing and book reading among those advanced in years granted 30-50% reduction in the likelihood of mild cognitive impairment as compared to those who did not participate in similar activities (Geda et al, Mayo Clinic).

Knitting on a bus4. It generates community with others.

Over the years, I have debated whether I am actually an introvert or extrovert. Perhaps I have shifted back and forth over time. I have leaned  introvert lately, which has made it clearly evident that knitting (and spinning which I’m occasionally spotted doing in public) generates chat that may otherwise never occur. I’m grateful for this! It refreshes me when someone asks what I am making or relates of theirs or a loved ones needlework. In my humble opinion, we need all the positive community surrounding us possible! Whether it’s knitting or another activity, how can you generate light and pleasant connections around you?

5. Creating empowers us! Empowerment zone sign

In simplest terms, I take “balls of string” and shape them into scarves, sweaters, shawls, hats, baskets, blankets, gloves, you name it! Sometimes I even create the “balls of string” from fur! Think of your “super powers”! What do you do that fulfills you, creates, enlivens, quiets your mind and lifts your spirits? If these characteristics sound appealing to you and you need a creative outlet, pick up those needles!

Are you a knitter who has set aside the hobby and need a refresher? Comment below, check out Youtube, and START! Before you know it, you will always have a project (or three, like me) in progress! Are you an avid creator, be it with fiber, wood, clay, etc? Show off what you do by commenting and sharing!Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail