Am I Taking Flight? Or Choosing Fight?

Confessions of a Girl Once Chronically in Flight

Fight or flight? Which do you choose?
Taking wings or taking flight?

The flight or fight response: a pivotal choice of the sentient psyche since life has existed on earth. Such an essential response when being chased by a predator, or experiencing natural disaster or thwarting potential and foreseen injury. This fantastic primal aspect has benefitted humankind for millennia and continues to do so. We all know stories of super-human strength empowering a person to respond in emergency- adrenaline pumps and someone single-handedly lifts a car off another, for example. That’s a fascinating article linked above, by the way! ;o)

This response has historically served and benefitted humankind in countless ways. But how has contemporary life distorted this primal function, often to our detriment? I can certainly shed some light inward to find some ways! But better yet, I am privileged to share how the Master Key Experience is helping me to peel away layers to access my most excellent life!

Magnify the good things!
May I forever expand as a vessel of abundant magic to share with those I encounter!

Fight the Urge to Take Flight! Do It Now!

Introspection is a natural byproduct of personal development. We often find ourselves looking for all the things we want to fix; what’s wrong that we want to make right. This beautiful Master Key Experience begins differently. It’s preamble is acknowledging the fact that we were born perfect. We were, “made first class, by first class,” as co-founder Mark Januszewski says.

This notion can be tough to digest early on. I’m perfect? Then why am I broke? Why am I sad? Why are things not working out for me? It’s simple. We allow this bird called life to poop on us repeatedly. As we mature we set aside our dreams and passions, telling ourselves we have no time for them. We decide our dreams are impractical and downright silly. We struggle on in survival mode, just trying to make it through daily challenges.

I’ve come to identify this phenomenon as my own personal flight mode. Looking back I acknowledge my tendency toward survivalist ways. I have vacated a place, an interaction, a relationship, a job, and more once I felt an insecurity within one of these things. Was I born with this? Thanks to my inner work I can emphatically say NO! My experiences have built layer upon layer upon layer of expectations, reactions & defenses over my driving core motive and purpose. I AM that innate and perfect being underneath the rubble and layers of experience. And I’ve got my chisel out, gently removing the layers of all that is not the I AM. Nobody states it better than the Master Michelangelo:

Michelangelo, sculptor

“The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.”

― Michelangelo

Yes, I AM already in there! Inside the superfluous material of experience! And I am excited to share more about this in my next post where I’ll tell all about a major change I’ve just experienced in my way of operating in and interacting with my life!

Stay tuned!

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There’s a Love That is Fiercer

And A Music Higher…

My heart is full singing with love… and so am I. Those of you that know me well, know that sounds completely foreign! I’ve previously conducted little challenges in my head like, “hmmm; would I stand up in a bar and do karaoke if someone offered me $10,000 to do it?”

That depends, Love. How long do I have to think about it?

Up until recently, I’ve lived life cautiously, comfortable and closed. Afraid of what others think. Heck, afraid of what I think! Recently I’ve been changing the way I operate. I’ve gone through a process that is enabling me to be ever-conscious of what drives my decisions and how I choose to stretch my life to fill every crevice of this always expanding container it fills. Today, I did something different; VERY different!

Musical Notes, artistically presented
What is the song of your heart?

I Sang. Out Loud.

Yes! I sang, even out loud. Outdoors. I was on my walk through this beautiful valley. Nobody was around. And I sang.

There’s a song that has touched my heart ever since I first heard it. It once held special significance for me, but time and experience changes things and thoughts of special things fade, you know? I started to listen to it again about a year ago. For some reason, it drew me in again. I suspect it was the inner nudge that I would be seeing a lot of change in my life very soon. More than I realized then, this song has been an anchor for me, holding fast in a most stalwart manner until I returned. Curious? See the beautiful video of the artist performing this song that nourishes my soul, right here!

Love Always Responds!

While I haven’t been able to get through hearing this song without shedding joyful tears, I found I also couldn’t sing it without tears. I can’t speak for the animals within hearing; their tears may have been of laughter? Or pain? Just kidding! But here’s what’s most striking about this experience. As soon as I finished singing, I heard the sound of galloping to my right along the hillside I was walking near. Two beautiful does were running alongside me, later crossing my path and then walking alongside on the adjacent hill for a while. It was not unlike seeing the Blue Angels fly by to commemorate something special. And it touched my heart.

Dare To Change!

What is one thing you know that holds you back? That thing you wish you had the nerve to dare to do? Change a career? Run a marathon? Sell everything and GO? Sing out loud? Nike says, “Just do it,” yet many of us know we’re not going to change it that easily.

If you are looking for the tools to help forward you to making new strides in your life, stick with me! Make sure you are notified of my posts as I release them. This coming September, The Master Key Experience 2020 will commence and I’ll be sharing the details here about how you can apply to be a part of it! In the meantime, I’ll continue writing of the real-time changes I’m experiencing because I dared to embark on this experience last September! It’s only the beginning for me! Are you ready for yours?

One More Thought…

I must just share one more message in the form of another live performance by Rich Mullins. Rich left us such beautiful gifts before he passed away. Though this video seems to begin slowly, I encourage you to listen to the full 5 minutes. Rich describes the place he was in his life at the time of writing this song. That message and the lyrics of the song demonstrate the hope there is in taking one more chance; later finding the great gratitude that you did, because EVERYTHING works out in your story!


Yipes! Time For Action to Rattle My Subconscious!

Tapping into the Subconscious

Nothing bears greater importance in life than subconscious action; taking the time to think and thus direct your goals and dreams into manifestation.

Some people find that magical space in sitting still. Others find it climbing mountains, making music or writing phrases. I appreciate at least a bit of all of it. One of my favorite introspective activities is walking in nature and discovering what magic my natural surroundings have to share in lending me examples about life in general.

Nature leaves hints about living an active life, beginning with the garden of the mind- the subconscious!
One of my favorite Pacific Northwest wildflowers: Lupines!

I LOVE taking walks in nature, enjoying the meditative sounds of the wind and the songs delivered on wings. The tree that’s given its life as a sacrifice for others beginning life from it. The thorny thistle that has germinated from its seed in heavily compacted road bed. The boulder being held in place for all it’s worth by a few exposed roots of an eroded tree. So many lessons if we but listen and observe.

And Then, I Heard It…

The steadfastness of these exposed roots are all the "action" that hold this boulder in place!
So much meaning in this natural view!

It’s in this mindset I whisked away on an evening walk a few nights ago. Walking the familiar path, I tend to tune out. The area is simply beautiful, peaceful and miles from any traffic. Surely my mind tunes into a deeper, calmer, creative state as my senses continue to increase observances of all that surrounds me.


The next thing I know, I stop still in my tracks, wondering how I have never noticed the sound of a sprinkler head this far down the road from the house I am staying at.

It seems my subconscious, having no mind of its own to create, decided on the most immediately familiar interpretation of that sound. That is until my intellect jumped in and said, RATTLESNAKE, perhaps followed by a few other choice terms.

Honestly? I don’t remember for sure. All I know is for a split second my intellect and my legs may have been witnessed dragging my subconscious away from the scene before it fully “came to” and decided the necessary immediate action.

For a fascinating article about the Northern Pacific Rattlesnake, click here!

The “Subby” Sits in Neutral

All kidding aside, this experience rendered a MAJOR example for me of what I have recently learned. Sometimes the things we assimilate in training and education only really hit home when we’ve experienced some tangible exercise with it. I’ve learned that the subconscious is a “collector of information” but lacking direction, action or initiative on its own.

Do I Plant in Dirt? Or Soil?

Think of the subconscious as a gardener’s soil: the gardener can plant nourishing food or a poisonous nightshade. The soil doesn’t care. It just provides the environment for whatever plant -or plan- is selected. Some would say the subconscious in and of itself is “dumb as a brick”, and I must laugh when I think of my scenario in which my subconscious suggested the sound of a rattlesnakes warning was likely a sprinkler head.

fertile soil manifestation abundance, subconscious in action!
Well-prepared soil yields a great garden!

Carrying forward with the soil corollary, just imagine what we can do with the richest, most fertile soil for the crops we wish to grow in our life. Does a skilled gardener merely pile some dirt up , throw some seeds on and wait to see what happens? NO! In fact a true gardener likely spends more tender loving care with preparing the SOIL than they do the rest of the process. With good, fertile, rich soil, the rest moves along smoothly.

The Action Takeaway

I’m learning as I move along to equally care for the soil of my subconscious so that my big dreams actualize and my time on this planet makes the impact it’s intended to. Does this sound like something that aligns with your thoughts and wishes? Imagine preparing the richest, most fertile garden of your life by preparing the soil of your subconscious with purpose and direct intentions! It’s my pleasure to share with you how! Comment and subscribe below and I’ll continue sharing more about my experiences!

Adventure Manifesting
Just thriving in my adventurous, no-compromise life!

Allowing GRIT to Create the Pearls

Temporal Eureka? Or Flowing Abundance!

It’s not often in my life that the flow of abundance in my life gets challenged by an errant order, or too much change for my purchase. And I have never been the discoverer of an abundant bank bag errantly flung from an armored truck along the side of a road. Surely you have heard at least one story in your lifetime related to someone that found a treasure of some sort; a treasure that seemingly would change the discoverer’s life, only for them to return it even while the victim of the loss is unknown. Crazy, right?

Well today was different for me as I received five of an item I ordered one of; a value of $80 for the price I paid of $16. Honestly my initial reaction was… SCORE!

manifesting abundance best life
~Just keeping it real here, ok?

But then I began to think about the processes I’ve been enjoying on my path to achieving my BEST life. I’ve got big dreams, far bigger outcomes than accepting a small savings based on someone else’s error. SO? I am sending the extra items back.

How Silly… Right?

PAY ATTENTION to your thoughts in response to this and simply appreciate it as feedback about your very own personal path. It’s truly an interesting self-study! I will be the first to admit, I have responded differently than this all my life. I have been the incredulous one questioning the sanity of the persons that call the sheriff when a bank bag containing a large sum of cash was discovered. Read on to find out why I am changing this!

abundance manifestation flow
Standing in the flow of abundance!

Not the Same, and I Don’t Want the Same

As I continue on in The Master Key Experience, things that seemed small and insignificant, such as the thought of considering it lucky to receive more than I paid for, grow in importance.

“But surely that company paid pennies on the dollar for the item I bought.”,

“Nobody will care or be any different if you keep those items.”,

“Well the seller should be more careful about their inventory.”

I can honestly say that those sentences above reflect thoughts I have experienced before. Can you relate?

I wish to be riding in an imminent flow of abundance, both to and from myself! If I fail this small, insignificant-seeming test, where does that leave me? If I am seeking My Best for my life, how do these “small” acts of COMMISSION align with my dreams? Answer…

They DON’T!

Perhaps the mega seller of these items would never notice or care. But that is not the point! Perhaps there will be no direct reward for my gesture. Again, not the point. The point is how the seemingly insignificant matters, and will align or directly contrast with the flow of abundance in my life, as directly controlled by my own decisions.

I’m Playing a Bigger Abundance Game!

The treasure I am seeking with every fiber of my being far surpasses any trinket of acknowledgement rewarded by another well-meaning person. I have no intention of sounding harsh, but wish to convey that the ultimate reward for me to consider is basking in the dynamic flow of abundance!

Through my journey forward to my best, one thing I have promised is to give without expectation of reciprocity from the channels I enrich, because I am in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving. I wish to do ALL things to remain in that flow because my dreams are big! If I TAKE even a pittance that doesn’t belong to me, how on earth can I remain in dynamic flow? How can I receive big gifts if I allow myself to get hung up on the smallest things?

Since I choose to BE my best when tested with this small exercise amongst others, I cannot wait to see the results in my life. Join me in this adventurous journey and stay tuned as I share more flow of abundance as exhibited in my life!

manifestation abundance travel
“Revealing the GOLD!”
The Grand Palace of Bangkok, Thailand, one of many travels that teach me so much.

Living Well in The Blur -MKE Week 23

View of my gallery from the street
The Gallery at Liberty Bay

Focused on Living Well as it’s needed most!

My goodness things can change quickly! Choosing to live well and practice self-care has just found its perfect timing within each of us. What a phenomenon when rapid changes affect everyone globally! Like I have seen so many others reference, it has been difficult to slow down enough to align my thoughts long enough to write.

Who knew we would ever witness, not to mention participate, in a series of events like this?

Personally, COVID-19 has brought the final hammer blow to my local art gallery’s physical location. What saddens me most is knowing the loss for the artists who depended on our little gem to keep them producing their creative works. But continue they shall if there is anything I can do about it!

Timely Lessons in Living Well

Just this past week during my mastermind, the term commencement was discussed. We think immediately of graduating a milestone level of education when hearing the term, as if it is the end of an activity or era. However the term actually relates to beginnings. Defined here:

com.mence.ment- a beginning or start

Just that simple. So I declare this new turn of events, my commencement. I do not allow for the conclusion of this gallery’s physical space to be its end. No way! I pledge to use all I have and will continue to learn to be the Greatest Salesman, giving my best; not doing the best I can.

The Gallery at Liberty Bay is celebrating its commencement! To see how this develops, follow The Gallery’s Facebook Page here! We no longer have the physical gallery. We also no longer have the physical gallery overhead! Silver linings are ALWAYS present if you seek them out.

Pulling it Together, Living Well When it’s Tough

Gratefully this Higher Self-Focused living brings great benefit for thriving through unprecedented times. Learning principles of being my best really allows me to observe how I am responding in comparison to how I previously have when adversity arrives. It seems that things can happen so quickly it leaves me spinning. But as I slowly come to rest and realize what just happened, I undoubtedly fair the storms better than in the past.

And now as I continue to fast track new ways of how to conduct business, I continually ask myself:

What does the person I intend to become do next?

My life vision is to connect my fellow humans to community through the art and creation of locals; here in my town and wherever my future travels take me. Art and handcraft connects people with each other and with past and future generations. My vision is unshakeable. No circumstance, even of global proportions, will cause me to stop. I persist until I succeed!


Gratitude: Not Only For What Feels Good! MKE Week 22

Gratitude For My Tea Tag?!

A simple message from a tea tag changes everything!
Manifesting a new perspective from my morning tea

What a wild ride! The Master Key has really taken me for a loop and I have gratitude in all aspects of it. The lessons come far more often than I recognize and then the important ones return in fresh form in order that I might recognize them… this time! I’m so grateful that I get to play with these things until I get it!

My old patterns of being -what we call the old blueprint in the Master Key Experience- is waging war with me in my experiences of late. And it won’t let go easily. I didn’t form that blueprint overnight, so skill and practice will clearly help eradicate less than ideal ways over time; but not overnight!

Who I AM is NOT What I Do

From the very start of the process nearly 6 months ago, I began writing a statement about what my ultimate purpose is, what we have called our Definite Major Purpose. I trimmed and refined this statement until the most laser-specific statement emerged. It’s a beautiful, nerve-wracking, harmonious process. And guess what? I completed it! But wait…

Is It Ever Truly permanently completed?

Time marches on and circumstances, otherwise known as LIFE, can come out of nowhere and rattle the foundations of all you think you know! This has certainly been the case for me of late.

Grateful to recognize old ways eventually passing!

That old blueprint is holding on to those bars and rattling the HELL out of them, reminding me of all I’ve known, lifelong. “Look! This is all falling apart”, “You didn’t seriously think THIS time would be different, did you?!”…and so on.

The very foundations of that statement I have written and rewritten over time have been completely cleared away. Why? Maybe I confused my purpose with my present external circumstances and my limited “HOW” to get there. And now the present “HOW” is standing on extremely shaky ground.

I have often limited my desires with trying to sort out how to achieve them. Continuing to hit and miss the answers about how to discover my dharma, I keep pressing onward. I have the tendency to let circumstances spool up my emotions and send me in loops of confusion and overwhelm. And then, a simple message from my teabag: Your potential self is infinite! #Grateful!

Still Boggled But Not Letting GO

Perhaps the biggest challenge that has been revealed for me through the Master Key process is this. It must begin with BELIEF. Your potential self in infinite! YES!

And so, back to the drawing board I go. I begin again, knowing that I have learned that I get to play with this! It is supposed to be FUN! Life is too short for anything else. I will continue to sort out what brings passion and joy to my reality and write these things into my ultimate plan and purpose. These things cannot be shaken by external circumstances. Yes, variables always come into play, but I ultimately control whether variables become another intriguing piece of the puzzle, or utter devastation. I choose to play this game for intrigue and fun!

Here is an exceedingly helpful audio! It’s helping me as I move along!


Infinite gratitude, love and manifestation!

IMAGINATION Is Your Workshop -MKE Week 20

Imagination, Dream, Manifest

Never Did I Imagine…

Imagination. A tool used in multiple tenses. For instance I am experiencing imagination in the past tense as in, “Never did I imagine the negativity and bullying my current vulnerability could evoke”. Never did I imagine that circumstances outside of my control, coupled with my need to directly mitigate them would result in others questioning my integrity, nor the outright impersonal attacks I have received from people I don’t even know.

Imagination + Learning + Creating = EVERYTHING!

Why do I share this now? Because timing is EVERYTHING and this week’s Master Key lesson #20 helps me imagine, creatively, what comes next! Through all of this I am learning and I am creating.

Imagine yourself as a sculptor in your own workshop. Your workshop is your special, peaceful, magical haven. It saturates all 5 senses of anyone who enters with the very essence of everything you are! It is your personal space of solace. I especially sense this in my own workshop!

You are a visualizing entity. Imagination is your workshop.” -Haanel part 20, sentence 9.

Close That Door… Do It Now!

workshop, studio, imagination

With this in mind, would you invite someone or something into your workshop that would change that? If a strong wind blew and sand and garbage were flying through the air, would you leave the door open so your environment and your art would be contaminated by debris? How about a stranger who is speaking poorly of you and your work? Is there an open door policy to your workshop for them? Of course not! So, why treat our inner workshop, our imagination, any different?

In the past I have absolutely internalized rude comments, sour sentiments and thoughtless criticism. Surely my number of cycles around the sun have helped me let those things roll off now. But I know what I am currently experiencing and the way in which I am not responding can not be credited only to that.

Sow In That Rich Soil- Only GOOD!

Our imagination is likened to the soil in a garden. The soil doesn’t care what seeds are sown, be it a deadly nightshade or a delicious heirloom tomato. It performs its duty for the seed. Our imagination, our inner workshop likewise does not care which we choose to imagine. We are always manifesting. If I am abundant in grief and trouble, I first look inward for the source.

One may say then that I must have manifested what I am experiencing. Actually I am manifesting my best inner peace and positivity in this storm. My workshop door is closed to these forces to protect the beautiful environment I maintain therein.

This power of thought, if understood and correctly used, is the greatest labor-saving device ever dreamed of, but if not understood or improperly used, the result will in all probability be disastrous, as we have already seen…” Haanel part 20, sentence 13

Create Only Beautiful Art Of Your Life!

The greatest understanding one can obtain is this: the inner self creates the external circumstances, always! The external does not create the internal. There are moments when protecting your inner imagination workspace from the outer environment is necessary. How do you confirm that you have established this inner peace? It is tangibly evident when peace defies what’s happening all around! I am there, and I hope for the very same for you!

This Master Key Experience is amazing! Don’t just take my word for it! Check out Derek’s blog right here!

Dream Courage Inspire Harmony Manifestation Imagination
Have courage to dream! Watch what happens when your thoughts and imagination are in harmony with the things that inspire you most!

Stirred, But Not Shaken- MKE Week 19

What a ride!

There are always external factors. Sometimes we celebrate the way things seem to align with all our planning for where we are heading. Other times it seems otherworldly in the sense that so many “bad” things are taking place that we are timid about our next step.

In the end, it’s all working out GOOD, for my GOOD! As Haanel remarks in part 19, appearances are deceptive. When it feels like the world is caving in, it’s just our finite ability to see all the details. I’m hanging onto this knowledge as I move through some trials as gracefully as possible! Back to regular blogging next week!


REPOSE: Harnessing Its Priceless Value! MKE-18

repose- a state of rest, sleep, or tranquility.

How Repose Helps Manifest Your Desires

I’m enjoying the adventure of learning of the value of repose in manifesting my desires. Actually this lesson has been striving to convey itself to me for at least two years, as I recognize it now! Allow me to explain.

Over the last couple years I have experienced the “repose”, or tranquility in this case, of not being emotionally charged when seeking an outcome. I have learned that when my mind isn’t wringing itself with hopes and fears about outcomes they simply materialize. Here’s a fun example.

Repose, conditions, Manifesting with expectation
Similar to the shoes I bought with unexpected money!

Unexpected Money Shoes

About two years ago, I was arbitrarily telling a friend about some shoes I was thinking about the past three months. I told her about how they were unique and marked for a clearance sale and so forth. I’m not even sure why I brought it up in the first place!

She finally asked, “why don’t you just go get them?” I thought about this, and answered as I was thinking it through: “Well, I don’t need them, but I like them. I think when I receive unexpected money, I will go get them if they are still there.”

Repose = Tranquility of Thought

Well? You likely guessed where this is heading. On my way home that very day, I checked my post office box, not thinking at all about the shoes or my pronouncement of what would land them on my feet. I had not one, but TWO checks I was not expecting! One check came from my credit card company, and I never figured out why it came to me. The second was a birthday card from my Dad- THREE months early! Yep! Completely unexpected, twice over. Got my attention!

Repose= Rest From Agitation & Anxiety

Here’s what I learned from this and other experiences since. Often I am hoping for a thing to come to pass, but fearing and focusing on the what-ifs. What if it doesn’t? What if I’m in over my head? What if I’m not taken seriously? With that energy surrounding the thing, I risk manifesting the outcome that it doesn’t happen. Or perhaps it happens to a lesser degree.

I am building the practice of substituting belief and confidence when those anxieties begin to take shape. Those shoes and my lack of attachment to the outcome of having them, gave me a baseline to understand. When I just “put out there” what would send me to buy them, those conditions immediately arranged themselves! So how do I get that same energy working on my behalf when outcomes of greater importance arise?

Practicing It Where It Really Matters!

Consider the best example of my immediate present: the tour I want to host to Peru in August! FEAR kept me from even laying the groundwork to market it until a few weeks ago. As a result I have a good bit of groundwork before me.

Manifesting a Peru tour this August 2020 through repose
Machu Picchu, Peru, which we will visit on our tour in August!

This. Is. BIG!

I am far more charged about the outcome of my efforts for this than perhaps any other thing immediately. However I am only attached to the outcomes as a measure of how well I practice the process. Maintaining confidence and substituting assertions of success in place of fears is my focus. Stay tuned! And if you know someone that loves to connect with new cultures on amazing travels, please reach out! Full Itinerary and details here!

What is The Master Key Experience?

It’s a Self-Excellence process to bring about my best! Making good friends across the globe as we share this experience. Check out Polly’s blog and see how this process is shaping up for her!


I’ve Got Goosebumps! MKE Heroes Journey 17HJ

I’m on my way- Goosebumps included!

About a week ago, I had a flash of a dream. In a very brief instant I was walking on a trail and came upon what I observed in my dream to be a tree growing brazil nuts. Not knowing their nature (they’re not even technically nuts) I saw a tree with the little orange slice-looking nuts hanging from their ends in the tree. And then I was awake. Why, you might ask, does this evoke goosebumps? Read on…

Why This “Brazil Nut Tree” Matters

Like so many things in our busy lives, I kept thinking about looking up information about the tree that produces brazil nuts. Every time, though, I was not in a place or space to dwell on it for even moments. Finally, while sitting at a coffee house, the thought occurred to me at The Right Moment. Oh. My. GOODNESS! Yes, goosebumps.

The Bertholletia excelsa Tree is found in the Amazonian forests of Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. It’s seeds grow in baseball-sized pods within the high-hanging canopy of these trees. The trees reach as high as 160 feet tall and can live for 500 years or more. They are actually more closely related to blueberries and persimmons than walnuts or pecans. Here’s a fascinating video about the industry built around this tree:

Very interesting significance this tree provides those who labor to wrest its fruits!

Did Someone Say Peru?

Since I am hosting a tour of Peru as part of my Definite Major Purpose, it would be reasonable to think that this is where the uncanniness of this dream resides. But wait, there’s more; so much more!

Sharing Day 3 of our Peru Tour! It’s Happening!

The Brazil Nut Tree & The Heroes Journey!

Agouti, a rodent found in South America and the only other animal besides humans that can open the seed pods containing brazil nuts! So unlikely for us to have the privilege of enjoying brazil nuts, isn't it? Goosebumps!

Bring on the goosebumps! Delving further into the nature of the Bertholletia excelsa tree, there are only two animals that can open it’s sturdy seed pods: a small rodent called an agouti (pictured left) and we humans; that is with the help of axes or machetes. As viewed in the video above, there’s no easy method to access those seeds!

Image of an Orchid Bee, the only pollinator capable of pollinating the brazil nut tree! Gives me goosebumps to think that this tree couldn't survive without depending on only one insect!
One Bug for the job!

Perhaps the most unusual characteristic of this tree rests within its pollination. Consequently, there is only one, yes one, insect that can successfully pollinate the trees flowers! The orchid bee is the solitary insect that is big enough and possesses a long enough tongue to pry open the flower’s hood to lap its nectar! Isn’t it amazing that nature provided ONE pollinator for a tree that grows throughout South America’s Amazon Rainforest, that lives for 500 years or more, whose known history begins at least with the Paleolithic era, some 11,000 years ago?

How Does This Correlate With My Journey?

Each and every one of us is here for a specific Purpose. As Og asserts, “Since the beginning of time, never has there been another with my mind, my heart, my eyes, my hands, my hair, my mouth. None that came before, none that live today, and none that come tomorrow can walk and talk and move and think exactly like me. All men are my brothers and yet I am different from each. I am a unique creature.”

“None can duplicate my brush strokes, none can make my chisel marks, none can duplicate my handwriting, none can produce my child and, in truth, none has the ability to sell exactly as I.” None can share my passion for the connection I sense within the realms of creativity across the world and its cultures quite the way I share it! I am a unique creature, just as you are! I began this self discovery with knitting, my first foray into something that lit a creative fire within me.

Goosebumps again! THERE Is ONLY One YOU!

Like the orchid bee, I am the only ME that can be what I am meant to be. It is the same with you; YOU are the only YOU that can share YOU and your passionate purpose with this world! Above all, we are each NATURE’S GREATEST MIRACLE! See? A momentary dream about an Amazonian seed-bearing tree. Not random in the least, and truly GOOSEBUMP evoking for sure!