MKE Week 6- Steadying My FOCUS For EFFECT!

Let the glass be held perfectly still!

AS I consider years of ambitious dreams and frequent missing of marks of accomplishment, I am overcome with the considerations found in Part 6 of The Master Key System. As Haanel has so faithfully done up to this point, he illustrates with great words in the texts of part 6. Consider, for example, the illustration given of use of a magnifying glass to focus rays of sunlight: The rays of light, “…possess no particular strength as long as the glass is moved about and the rays directed from one place to another; but let the glass be held perfectly still and let the rays be focused on one spot for any length of time, the effect will become immediately apparent.” I cannot think of a more beautiful example of this fact but the following video I just recently came across. I promise this video will make you feel good!

Here Comes The Sun King

Art always finds a way. And so too, with a little help, does the human spirit. In Olympia we found a man who harnesses the sun to create beautiful art… and he does it in the bleakest of settings. It makes him happy, it makes him friends. And maybe it can give him a new shot at life. Eric's Heroes airs every Wednesday night at 6pm on KOMO News. (Shot by Doug Pigsley, edited by Darrin Tegman, and as always, thanks to producer Joan Kinsey) Send your Heroes ideas to: To see all of our Eric's Heroes stories, go to Eric's Heroes airs Wednesdays, 6pm, KOMO News

Posted by Eric Johnson KOMO on Wednesday, October 2, 2019
“With laser-like focus, he could…”

Through this elegant process of self-direction, I am focusing the rays of my innermost sunshine, my solar plexus, on my best life! I continue to refine my still and steady focus toward the life I want to live and steady my metaphorical magnifying glass. As I do I keep receiving simple little “gifts” of confirmation that my steadiness is improving. It is a delight to share a few examples.

In my significant relationship for which the long-range status has remained questionable for some time, I have recently determined that I must BE what I wish to have from the other. As soon as I steadied my focus on this affirmative determination, my yoga practice greatly improved with the very next session. Before this session I struggled hysterically with balance, yet immediately observed significant improvements!

I am continuing to steady my determination toward completing the services I promised within this process. As I do, I continue to find more peace and far less freneticism within my days. Gradually my sleep is even improving, a result I have sought in several ways over the last few years! Who knew? Simply making the mental determination to shift into more purposeful thinking and daily operating creates a fertile soil for authentic life change! I’m ALL in!


MKE Week 5- Weaving a Rich Fabric

As I continue to develop the clearest mental picture of all I’m striving for, the fine construction of the Master Key texts enrich my experience. The word pictures developed therein so commonly apply to things I closely relate with. The most outstanding word picture developed to date which I most identify with, is that of weaving good cloth.

“Our mental material is now of the best kind; we can weave any kind of material we want; we can use any color we wish; we know that the texture is firm, that the material is solid, that it will not fade…” Haanel 5-11

I began weaving a few years ago. It is a trying experience in patience. It feels to be perhaps the most unforgiving art form when first encountered. It requires much time, steadfastness and materials. Needless to say, one does not consider the first project to be of finest quality, nor does one wish to use most premium of materials. There will be errors; mishaps; perhaps even frustrations leading to colorful verbiage.

Weaving the early cloth is not unlike constructing the first drafts of my Definite Purpose in Life. It can get sloppy; poorly formed and rife with vague ideas, not unlike missed warp threads in a woven pattern. This is certainly not the time when the threads of the finest quality are applied.

But if I maintain my focus; if I keep my goals in view and if I allow myself the “risk” of being vulnerable and patient enough to receive help as I continue to fine tune my mental image of my target, I WILL obtain the object of my desires- my dream life.

I have a friend that lives nearby. Very few people know that she weaves fabrics for virtually all of the Seattle designers, along with many French designers for which she is the exclusive provider of fabrics.

Her dharma finds her living her dream with the love of her life. She employs many disadvantaged individuals, giving them the ability to return to the workforce in a most unique way. She provides custom fabrics for numerous famous household names. Just recently she showed me a fabric she is completing for the exclusive use of a luxe fashion house many of us may never grace the doors of. The fabric she is creating for this company will be used as panels/drapery. The thread contents? Fine Gold, Silver and Copper. I shall press on until my definite purpose is ready to be constructed of such fine threads as these!


MKE Week 3- How Bright is MY Solar Plexus Shining?

I'm so focused on my Solar Plexus and all that Haanel expresses about its characteristics. So says Haanel, "Non-resistant thought expands the Solar Plexus; resistant thought contracts it. I presently find myself in quite a contracted state with a mixture of thoughts on so many things. I am grateful for that awareness.
Recently I received a lot of feedback about myself; my ways of being, my work toward my personal goals; what felt like questionable validity of many parts of my life. It's important to remember at times like this- feedback is just that; feedback. It's not positive, it's not negative. And it may not necessarily be accurate.

"But the one arch enemy of the Solar Plexus which must be absolutely destroyed before there is any possibility of letting any light shine is fear." I've been finding myself fearing the accuracy of the feedback I've received. But then I read on: "The world is harsh only as we fail to assert ourselves. The criticism of the world is bitter only to those who cannot compel room for their ideas. It is fear of this criticism that causes many ideas to fail to see the light of day."

Indeed I have some inner work to do! I want my SUN to make me magnetic! Let the clouds disperse. Let me be too busy radiating courage, confidence and power, such that I DO pound my barriers to pieces! And so it is.

Be the Sunshine!


MKE Week 2- Holy GOODNESS, I’m in the Thick of IT!

Well here I am, well into week 2 of the Master Key Experience, and I am really finding that the Universe is clearing the way for my new, elevated and excellent path. It's a constant battle for my mind, (thank you, Seven Laws of the Mind, for your help) and all the tangents it can wildly trail off to, especially in the evenings at home alone. Here's what's happening and, believe me, this vulnerability within itself is a fresh garden for me to sow.

I have been in a long term relationship (9 years) with the man I viewed as my soul mate, the man who literally made me feel dizzy when he confessed falling in love with me; the man who helped me recognize my desire to learn to ride my own motorcycle; the man who enabled me to travel to distant reaches and acquire my strong desire for travel and cultural immersion.

Last Tuesday that same man expressed his desire to end our relationship. Yes, I was shocked though not completely. In the last couple years my own personal journey has brought me to higher and higher potentials of living my true Dharma. I have sensed for some time a divide this has created between us. There were so many deep, sensitive things I missed talking about with him. It was painfully clear we could not and would not go that deep with each other.

I believed strongly that something… SOMETHING within my process would trigger an inner desire that niggled him into trying on this type of purposeful, amazingly powerful living. Perhaps a day will come, but alas it will not be something I get to witness.

Striving toward my very best life definitely promises some "risk". Am I just dipping a toe in to see what could happen? Or am I going all out like the prize is my very LIFE over my mediocre existence? I know this now, because I have done both. I have straddled this precipice of decision for some time, allowing fear to guide my thoughts and decisions.

Two years ago I first encountered the Master Key/Mastermind Alliance and worked all the way through the 5th month… and then halted my momentum. Through the process I felt I was writing a fairy tale, over and over, because I was! Not only was I trying to write my "how" into all the things I would accomplish, hence limiting all the resources I DIDN'T already know existed; I also was writing the path of MY Dharma only with the two of us in mind! I was negotiating my best to avoid the fear of loss and confusing my subconscious as to what I was seeking. Heck I am pretty sure I knew what I was wanting, but I was also refusing to trust.

No matter what path of personal development you find yourself interfacing with, some things have become very plainly clear, at least in my process. You can't fool the greater mind, the universal wisdom, your truest self. The need to negotiate with your highest purpose simply keeps you where you already are, with extra needless work added. Until you have prepared yourself to NEVER look back, NEVER compromise, and NEVER attempt to negotiate a deal with yourself to create your best life using some irregular or worn out parts, there will be little to no change. I sincerely believe that your inner being is going to tell you where you truly stand with these things. At least I can attest that my heart and my solar plexus were telling me all I needed to know, both then and now!

I am grateful for my life with my man of those years. Without them there's so much I may have missed along the way. There are no mistakes. 


MKE Week 1 This Time I’m Ready

This post commemorates my third start with the Master Key Experience, and will be my first completion. This time I am ready… READY! In the very midst of this first post, my life is dynamically changing by the moment.

  • The relationship with the man I have lived and loved with for 9 years has concluded. 
  • I get to explore how my new life will look and how I will manage the big adjustments
  • I will now explore MY vision for MY future while not trying to mold it to envelope others interests. 

It feels like stepping off a ledge and hoping to find a landing. I have stood on the edge of that ledge for some time, deciding to remain in the more comfortable feeling spot I've been in instead of making the jump. Life has a way of forcing things when one is too stubborn to let go of the ledge. Here is precisely where my journey begins; where it is meant to begin. I like control. I like predicatability. I realize I have come to liking them at the expense of LIVING, and that is not ok. Here I go!



The Master Key Experience begins anew at a very poignant time. I'm happily embarking on a lot of NEW; a lot of UNKNOWN and I choose BOLDNESS as my chief tool along the way. I will CONTRIBUTE. I will CONNECT. I will CONQUER!

I've spent the majority of my life doing the best with what I knew. From late adolescence forward, I knew that the outcome of my life relied to a great extent on fate! However the wind might blow, favoring me or repeling me- I could only hope for the best. Others had more control over outcomes, or at least someone had more control over their outcomes! But me? No,  I was different. I emanate from different beginnings. And therefore, I could only hope for the best. 

In the past year I have changed much. I have become more self-directed and less caught up in polling others to try to decide what was right for me. As a result here are the things I am experiencing right now. I have just earned a compensated leadership role in the international networking organization I belong to. I am on the verge of hiring a business/publishing/public speaking coach. And I am in discussions about buying a local art gallery that I love that is highly acclaimed in my area.  If anyone would have told me  a year ago that these three things would be happening right now, I would have laughed about how wonderful such a thing would be. But here I am! And it's real! 

Do I know the source of funding all of this? No. Have I checked in with everyone and anyone that crosses my path to see what they think about my ideas? Not a chance!  Do I fear the risks involved in giving these things a shot, especially all at once? Not really. I balance it all with a slight emphasis on risk assessment and realize that, in the big scheme of things, the risk of going for it is quite minimal. It is the risk of never trying that is SO much greater! 

One thing I do know with great certainty. I am going after it all with the greatest of gusto, because I have BURNED THE SHIPS! Failure is no option. Where else would I rather be? 

Conventional wisdom says you should have a backup in case you can't achieve your goal. But sometimes, the best motivation can be to get rid of any safety net and leave yourself no choice apart from achieving your goals.


MKE Week 17- They Say The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul

Windows to the Soul

To say that this weekend has been a pivotal and grand moment that defines the rest of my days grossly underestimates the reality of it! The term "breakthrough" equally expresses merely the slightest depiction of the reality. I believe no human words exist that could encapsulate all that has taken place for me!

For years I have been acutely aware of my insecurity in holding eye contact with anyone for any length of time; even my own daughter. All the effort I have put forth in my attempts to improve this trait have resulted in exhaustion with no significant change in my habits. ALL of this is now changed, forever!! 

Universe Eye

"Concentration is much misunderstood: there seems to be an idea of effort or activity associated with it, when just the contrary is necessary." -Haanel 17-6

This weekend I discovered the depth of the mutual exchange residing in the connection between two people when they look into one anothers eyes. The exercise which introduced this idea for me was one of the toughest things I have ever found myself performing. Exhaustive effort was necessary to carry it out. In very much the same way that a newcomer to fitness performs his new workout routine for the first time, my thoughts enveloped doubt and uncertainty. Focusing on this exercise and carrying through with it has ALREADY made it an activity requiring no effort or even conscious thought. Nothing sums up proof of this more than what I experienced at the airport upon returning home.

Having departed the plane I was waiting for the train to the main terminal when I noticed a man escorting a very slight elderly lady, presumably in her late 80s to early 90s. As I watched them approach a train car two away from mine, she glanced my way and I just felt the Smiling Eyeswhole of my being just BEAMING at her! She caught my eye and quickly glanced away with a smile on her face. But then the sunshine glory of her gaze returned to connect with mine and OH! The pure rapture of our connection! That encounter will NEVER, ever leave my memory! No effort or conscious activity on my part in this encounter would have done any more than hinder the utter beauty of the moment!

We may think we are here developing ourselves for our personal wellness and success and we are right. But there is SO MUCH MORE to it! This world NEEDS us! The world and the people living on it are starving for what we have to share! And as these gifts develop, we rapidly find that the Law of Giving and Receiving comes into action IMMEDIATELY! Why not give it a try! Everyone wins!



MKE Week 16- Backpacking in San Diego!

We are past the midpoint of week 16, and I am preparing for a journey. A journey by plane. A journey to the unknown. A journey that conjures Skydivingmemories of when I first jumped from a perfectly good airplane at 15,000 feet. You may know what I'm talking about; that point after gawking out the window at the shadow of the rapid ascent of the tiny single engine plane you inhabit, indicated by the quick shrinking of that shadow against barren desert below. Sweaty palms. Adrenaline pump valve fully open. Finally my time to sit on the ledge. And. Fall. 

When the plane begins accelerating down the runway I could still chicken out, maybe. But sitting on the ledge, tied to another who controls everything? Well, it's rather settled then.

Early tomorrow I fly out to San Diego, fulfilling the impassioned desire of my lovely and brilliant daughter for the purpose of attending a leadership program that will convene on several weekends through May. Here's what I've learned. It is life-changing IF you choose to challenge all that you are by staying committed to the end. It will gain intensity with each session. I will need to have with me the thoughtful and beautiful-to-me handkerchief my daughter gave me in a beautifully wrapped box. The sessions begin soon after I check in at the hotel. Snack and meal opportunities can be tough to coordinate. Ah, I got this one! Therefore, I'm backpacking in San Diego, right beside a marina with a multi-million dollar inventory of yachts. Have coffee maker, have hot water, have hot oatmeal and soups!

A bucket list item for me is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and, in ways, I feel like I'm embarking on that. Perhaps it's partly due to heading to the right stepping-off-the-ledge-from-the-civilized-world point for the PCT. I don't know. Perhaps it's the amount of unknowns I'm facing. I don't know what the content of this endeavor really holds, but I do know I need an industrial strength tissue! Let's call this my mental PCT.

One thing that surely is a "known" for me; I feel far more prepared and better equipped for this journey having experienced the Master Key. And this brings me to thoughts of my daughter. With fewer years on this earth and different experiences, I am infinitely awestruck, just as I have been so many times, by her strength, courage and drive to embark upon and see this program through to the conclusion. There were numerous individuals who did not do as she did. As I prepare for these unknowns, I think of her, knowing I will persist and I will succeed. If I had to get up on a stage and sing, which is probably my biggest fear, though I have no problem public speaking, I would do it. If I had to ride a roller coaster that does loops, which I hate, I would do it. No matter what this journey brings, I WILL DO IT. There are so many reasons for myself that I will do it. But if I chickened out of every last one of them, I WILL DO IT. For her. I can't think of a better ledge to be on at this moment!


"…Natural laws work in a perfectly natural and harmomious manner; everything seems to 'just happen'". (Haanel 16:31) 

I am in the period of reconstruction according to part sixteen's introduction. You may do the math. And I see these characteristics of 16:31 happening all around me. That I am packing and preparing for this journey to begin tomorrow is testimony to this. Stay tuned!


MKE Week 15- We Make What We Think

"We cannot escape from the pictures we incessantly photograph on the mind, and this photography of erroneous conceptions is exactly what is being done by use of words, when we use any form of langage which is not identified with our welfare."  -Haanel 15:15

I could spend a full six months with this one precept. It is truly amazing to look back over recent years and realize that less than ideal words held refuge in the subconcnscious even when I thought my path had transcended some age-old struggles. I had overcome a very damaging relationship, brought my body to the best level of fitness I had ever had, even developed a new relationship out of the blue. I was flying high on how my life had transformed. So what did I lack? At the time, I would emphatically responded, "Nothing! Nothing at all." And then…

My world caved in.  And then other bits caved in further. And finally to cap it all off, my body decided to hit the rewind button and throttle me back to days of low self-confidence. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that I once struggled with and believed to be history, returned. I would sit in front of my mirror, putting on my makeup, and then bust into tears, negating the whole point, while my inner voice was saying, "Why? You're just putting lipstick on a pig!" It's tough to admit and tougher to believe that these words would eminate from within me to myself. But they did!

Now I know how raw and transparent these things are to write and therefore to read. However, this transparency brings to the surface the demand to get the greatest form of architecture in order. Thank goodness for the Master Key Experience. It literally gave my inner mesages great pause when I needed it most. When I previously thought I was in a great place, I was actually building my inner world completely on the outer and temporary manifestations.

"Words may become mental places that will live forever, or they may become shacks which the first breeze will carry away." -Haanel 15:22  

Just like the proverbial house built on sand, my inner world immediately followed my outer world, right out to sea! Everything was swept away as life's storms unsettled it all. I had no foundation anchored in bedrock. Just as when one visits family after 20 years and it feels like no time has past, my self-deprecation, insecurity, and perceived insignificance tromped dirt right into my living space and plopped down on the couch of my heart and mind, and it felt as if we had only been apart for an hour. 

Nothing demonstrates the importance of getting the thought life right than experience. Just as the Universe has a way of doing, the Master Key Experience enveloped me at just the right moment of my life. Desperate to rebuild my inner home with solid materials that will not crush, rust, spoil, rot or drift away! Quality takes time to build, and I am in it for as long as it takes!



MKE Week 14- “Wild”, Wildly Uninspiring

Well, this blog entry will be far too brief and simple. My chosen movie to view was, “Wild”. I wish I had selected another. I have not read the book yet, though I have a copy. I’m pretty certain I will forego that and use my reading time more wisely. I have previously read and viewed other life journey/trail-related stories that were intellectual, inspiring, challenging, life-changing. I would describe “Wild” more like a whiny, despondent struggling-to-work-a-drug-and-sex-ravaged-life out by charging into a major undertaking with the same level of preparation and experience as one charges into a drug-and-sex-addicted life with. I don’t recommend this movie unless one is trying to lose a couple hours, senselessly and wastefully.
There are too many inspiring stories out there to have to endure this one. With poor sound, lots of flashes of inappropriate actions throughout the movie and generally an overall lack of objectivity, I don’t find this movie necessary to try to draw some meaning from. Just as we address other aspects of our personal and business growth, if a child can’t do it, then don’t do it. Needless to say, this is not a movie for a child in the least.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail