MKE Week 13- Casting Off Fear FOREVER!

-Hi there! Yes you! If you are in a hurry, please pass my writing and take the 5 minutes to view the video linked at the end of the blog. It may change you!

Throughout the Master Key, there have been so many ideas that have particularly stuck with me. I must confess that I adore how often the priniciples are likened to weaving, tapestries, looms and fabric since I am a new weaver. When I weave, the fibers, the shuttles, the final cloth, the creative energies, all provide for me the same analogous mind work as found in our texts. My abilities have certainly improved since beginning the Master Key and I know it is due to letting go of perfection and, more importantly, FEAR!

"Thought will bring about conditions in correspondence with the predominant mental attitude. Therefore if we FEAR disaster, as FEAR is a powerful form of thought, disaster will be the certain result of our thinking. It is this form of thought which frequently sweeps away the result of many years of toil and effort." Haanel 13-16

It is easy to think of fear as a fleeting emotion, as if it leaves as fast as it arrives; a moment of indulgent absenteeism. As Haanel indicates, however it is a POWERFUL FORM OF THOUGHT. When one thinks of fear as a powerful form of thought, it becomes not so fleeting. It sounds more like an unwanted house guest, taking up residence against ones will. In fact it's a sloppy house guest, leaving a trail of rubbish in its wake; never honoring ones values; staying up late at night with the TV blaring. unaware or unsympathetic to the host's chosen habits. An ungrateful, unwanted, inconsiderate guest!

Exploring fear even further, let's contemplate our decision-making; all decisions we've made that come to mind: large, simple, miniscule decisions, everything. What makes the cornerstone of all the decisions we make? Honest introspection brings me to realizing fear has been my cornerstone! While fear has it's proper position in context, easily synonymous with common sense- do not climb into the lion exhibit at the zoo- the fear I'm addressing is that wall which obstructs ones path to potential GREATNESS.

"What if I waste material by messing up while I learn to weave?" 

"What if the people I share my business with reject me? Even worse- what if they get MAD at me?"

"What if my car gets dinged when I park in this busy parking lot?"

"I would love to travel, but what if the plane crashes?"

Fear,  Fear, Fear, Fear, Fear, Fear, Fear will guarantee mediocrity. So what do we do?

The Law of Substitution states that we cannot think about 2 things at the same time. Therefore when moving about the day, make the conscious effort to ensure that boldness and confidence in the making of your future self replace FEAR as the cornerstone of the choices made. Does this apply in every situation? YES! Because if you are fearful first, the big and small decisions emit from that form of thought; that WAY OF LIFE. 

I conclude here by sharing this most impactful  video, which set all this straight in my head today. Considering this man's persistent choices in continuing the dialogue, I'm certain FEAR would have made me completely ignore the first message had I received it. Yet look what happened because this man chose to continue! Please, if you often pass up such things, assuming you have gotten the gist of the message already, please CHOOSE to follow through this time. It may change you!

Here is the link:

I'll be the change I want to see in the world, first by letting go of FEAR!



MKE Week 12- Energy With Focus Starts Fires

No task is successful without keen focus. "If a sculptor started out with a piece of marble and a chisel and changed his ideal every 15 minutes, what result could he expect? And why should YOU expect any different result in molding the greatest and most plastic of all substances, the only real substance?" (Haanel 12-7)

Uh oh. 

"The result of this indecision and negative thought is often found in the loss of material wealth. Supposed independence which required many years of toil and effort suddenly disappears." (Haanel 12-8)


Did I just read my biography? Again, again and again I find my old blueprint seeping up through the cracks of my consciousness, working me into the mental lather accurately described above. Energy without keen, singular focus is best described as mental lather; lots of production that lacks substance at its conclusion. That old blueprint would have me lose my grip and only hold my magnifying glass by a string. As soon as I focus on the image it magnifies, the focus of that old glass is moving off in another direction and focusing on another object.

Nearing the halfway mark of MKE and I am intently focused on two things: burning the old blueprint once for all and keenly magnifying my focus on what I want; the design for my now and my tomorrow.

"Your ideal must be sharpclear-cutdefinite!"

No scattering of my forces. These words are sensible on paper but only valuable when practiced. No more negativity, anxiety, worry or fear; only magnified focus on my mental diet. For negativity and its counterparts I substitute my focus on growing my ability to cooperate with the Omnipotence  and Omnipresence of Universal Thought. No more will I allow these scoundrels to rob me of my prize. From today forward I wil sit in quiet repose and continue until I KNOW I am connecting with the infinite.

No longer do I set this gem that is the Master Key on the shelf for later tinkering when I feel bold enough or "when I have time". That time never arrives! The only time is NOW! Down with the old blueprint. Today is now. Now is now is NOW!

I persist! I win! 



MKE Week 11- One Step at a Time Is Not Too Difficult

I will persist until I succeed! "…from childish swipes the oak will eventually tumble." I will indeed remember to bend the ancient law of averages to my good. I will ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep my eyes on the goals above my head!

There persists the old question often surfacing: "How does one best eat an elephant?" You know the answer: "One bite at a time". The basic truth this message conveys can get lost on us former perfection paralytics. Life often catches me evading matters when I have not mastered them, even at the first attempt. Given a lifetime of such paralysis, one can imagine the figurative pile of "uncompleteds" drifting in my wake. Thankfully there is no room for that here in the Master Key! 

Using the Master Key, I'm empowering my new blueprint to always interject, ever pressing me forward on my New Path. Where I so frequently would turn around and confirm defeat, I now persist and plug forward. Each blow against the tree of my former life blueprint may indeed be trifling and seem of no consequence. But I persist and I succeed! The true gem in the process is this: I am available, I bring the materials, I provide the blueprint. The perfect design and architecture is not up to me! I don't have to fear the future, nor question the success of this endeavor, so long as I remain faithful to the tasks that belong to me. "What things so ever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." I desire them; I believe in them; I seek them, and I shall have them!

I build my castle one brick at a time. Fear, improbability, mistake, failure; none of these possess the land any longer! They have been evicted. But just like any sloppy tenant, sometimes it takes time to clean up the refuse left behind. Every heap of old blueprint disposed brings me closer to my mansion. At times I wind up dragging a bit of it back on my heel. But as the site gets cleaner, I will champion the effort and only the bright new creations of my thoughtful design and effort will prevail!   


MKE Week 10-And In the Red Corner, Dusty Old Blueprint…

Here I am in week 10 of the Master Key, working to catch up from traveling. What a glorious time with friends that are as close as family. It's amazing what can happen when the old expectations of "the holidays" are tossed and exciting plans based on fresh expectations come into play. It really comes down to purposeful choice perspective.

Just as soon as I am riding the wave of the sweet memories made while away, my old blueprint wallops me with an out-of-nowhere sucker punch!  The Christmas holiday outlook is forming and promising a grand Fight Night show! While boxing fans might expect the usual ring presence of in-laws, siblings, et al, this is not to be the case. "In the red corner, weighing in at 40 some-odd years of habitual reflex, Old Dusty Blueprint.  In the blue corner, Strong and bold yet new to the ring, weighing in at a mere 11 weeks of developmental training and growth, Grand New Golden Blueprint! Let's get ready to rumble!"

The greatest beauty of this particular contest: "We ourselves contribute nothing to its efficacy, " Haanel 10:14. There will be no black eyes; no missing teeth; no knockout punch. "We can do nothing to assist in the manifestation, we simply comply with the law, and the All-Originating Mind will bring about the result." 

I am the Manager, the Trainer of New Golden Blueprint. I have worked him through the disciplines, I've created the habits and I strive for adherence to them. But once in the ring, all the details of him championing the match will be taken care of. The work has been done and will continue. The circuit is complete. The harmonious victory is practically in the bag! Though Old Dusty may yet win some rounds, I know Grand New Golden will prevail! And through the perpetual noise of the cheering and jeering crowd, I repeatedly hear a distinct voice. With great passion and love, the voice often reassuringly repeats, "Relax!" Our champion is ready for this!


MKE Week 9- The Law of Giving in Action

This past week I had the great pleasure of visiting a college campus I've known of nearly all my life but never experienced. Berea College is truly a fantastic example of the Law of Giving in action. The college proudly offers 32 majors, 15 teacher education programs, 16 national and international honor societies, and so much more in the way of accolades. What's so amazing about this, you might ask? Each admitted student enters with a scholarship that covers nearly $100,000 for a four year education! Berea is one of only seven federally recognized work colleges in the country. How do they do that?

Berea College is a private non-denominational college who relies on the gifts of alumni and friends and on income from the college's endowment. It's students come from all walks of life, all 50 states and 62 countries round the world. The college has proven concern for the environment with numerous accomplishments in the realm of sustainability including several campus buildings that have been built or retrofitted to meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Statuses. It also houses Kentucky's first developed Ecovillage, consuming 75% less energy and water than conventional housing. Students participate in the administration, maintenance and demonstration to visitors of these and so many further features, trading labor for education in this working college. 

Additionally and most intriguing to me, the Student Crafts program (including broomcraft, ceramics, jewelry, weaving and woodcraft production areas)  avails students of new creative skills while furthering their cognitive thinking and providing the potential of new creative endeavors to be enjoyed for a lifetime. The products created by the students are sold in various shops around the campus and around the world as well! I had the great pleasure of seeing these items and visiting the bustling weaving studio, the area that naturally fascinates me most! The energy of the campus and the working shops was tangibly positive and joyfilled. The attitudes of those at work were of great appreciation for the skills they were developing. The director of the weaving studio spent such generous time with me, talking with me as if we were old friends catching up!

It's likely evident I could go on all day about this experience. I first wanted to visit the campus with my general awareness of their Student Crafts program. This program fascinates me to no end! To also find that the very engine that drives this entire operation, successful since 1855, embodies the very law of giving and receiving that we have all  been focused with, endears this place to me all the more while proving that the Universal Mind merely needs willing and actionable conduits. Berea's Alumni list includes a Nobel Peace Prize winner, a Physicist and Inventor of touchscreen technology, the developer of the catalytic converter, a former US Secretary of Commerce, and automotive engineer and developer & owner of Roush Racing, Mr. Jack Roush himself. If this is not evidence of the greatness that is waiting for us to engage, I don't know what is!




MKE Week 8- However, when man awakens to the Truth…

It's amazing what one quiet meditative session can yield! As I have progressed to this point in week 8, I have had vast successes and yet something is still not aligning. The imbalance I have been sensing really reflected in my quiet times over the last couple weeks, as I have had difficulty focusing or spending the entire 15 minutes, let alone more. In an attempt to rectify this I chose myself as the object of my focus this morning. More specifically, what do I REALLY want out of this experience; out of my future self?

"People say they desire abundant life, and so they do. But so many interpret this to mean that if they will exercise their muscles or breathe scientifically, eat certain foods in certain ways, drink so many glasses of water every day of just a certain temperature, keep out of drafts, they will attain the abundant life they seek." -Haanel 8:21

This quiet meditative time was a bit soggy. I wept as I realized that my future self is still a stranger. I asked myself, "what do I want?". I thought through my Definite Major Purpose as it is written. I have actually written into it the external things that I think sound like they will help me get what I think I want. Yep, 8:21 describes me. Some of the elements included there, as I see them, make me want to respond, "Who is that?!" Back to the drawing board.



Mind you, these elements are all contained in my DMP. However, I find that I was trying once again, to determine how I was  going to create the external results- with external efforts. Truly this results in nothing more than building a house on sand. A house merely set on sand (external) will blow away with the first wind, or drift away with the first flood. For a house to stand, it must be rooted in the bedrock (internal)!

For the record, this is what I want, and a revision is coming. I want to restore my body to health and wholeness. I want a quiet and peaceful  mind. I want to write articles and books. I want to develop my skills and create using my cherished fiber arts. I want to share what I create with others, endeavoring to share the joy I gain in creating with them. I want to travel. A lot.

As you read your Definite Major Purpose, what are you feeling? Is it truly YOU that you have written about? If you find any sentence that seems to get hitched in your solar plexus, perhaps another revision is due for you too!

This is not a sprint. It's a marathon; one whose prize for FINISHING surpasses any pot metal trinket we can hang on our wall! I want it! No doubt you want it too! Let's go get that prize together!


MKE Week 7- I’ll Just Leave This Right Here For A While

"We must plant the seed and leave it undisturbed." -Haanel 7:27

I might have elevated to the status of amateur gardener by now, but I more likely may yet remain a novice. I still often find that my garden produces more growth at times when I leave town than when I'm regularly nearby. Like that child I am anxious. Is the soil fertile enough? Has the seed received enough water? Has it received too much water? Is it warm enough? Did I plant it right? Does the environment it is planted in provide the proper pH? Maybe I should go check…

"…we are too anxious; we manifest anxiety, fear, distress; we want to do something; we want to help; we are like a child who has just planted a seed and every fifteen minutes goes and stirs up the earth to see if it is growing. Of course, under such circumstances, the seed will never germinate, and yet this is exactly what many of us do in the mental world." -Haanel 7:26

Well, perhaps I am yet but a novice. 

I've really pondered these comparisons to cultivating our inner work to determine how the overworked seed in the garden corresponds to tilling the soil, planting the seed and leaving it for a while in our inner world. Just as I overparent the seeds in my vegetable garden, I recognize I may be doing just the same in my inner "garden of life". As I design what I would like my life to be, I find the concurrent and pervasive anxiety over how I will carry out the measures to achieve these things. For that matter, what are the measures? As I ponder my vegetable garden the path becomes clearer. 

Considering the garden at its most elemental and non-scientific early state, what really separates the seed from the rest of its surrounding detritus? Time and stillness! That seed can have ample food, water, heat, shade, sunlight, an all around perfect environment. But without stillness and time, its message, its life purpose to grow into all it was meant to become, will never come to pass! Indeed, its internal world will never have the pleasure of demonstrating the full potential of the beauty it was intended to reveal to the world. Without tranquil time, the identity of this seed will never have the opportunity to take root and will instead remain lost in the shuffle of its chaotic environment. And so it is with me and you. 

I challenge us collectively to take this idea into our quiet contemplative times. For our greatest intended imprint on the world to be fully realized, we must allow the seed of our definite major purpose to germinate. It must take root. And I have to believe the rest will develop at the proper times.




MKE Week 6- The Championing of the Mighty Blueprint

Wow! What a journey thus far! Week 6 finds me feeling rather grumpy, behind schedule and recognizing the all-too-familiar. I am heavily challenged this week and my frustration plants me dead-center on the battleground for my inner self. It seems I am taking some fire from my old blueprint.


Formerly this site was no battle ground at all. It was merely a mental field; quiet, sublime and neutral. I always landed in it once I grew tired of the effort  and fearful of defeat along whatever path I had been on. From here I have always advanced down the old warn, well-trodden path of "same old mediocrity, different day," my fear of another failure always seemingly met. As Haanel has expressed, we form a habit of failure if we do not complete what we set out to do.

All my life I have begun many processes of varying subjects, with a subconscious assumption of failure as the probable outcome. I recognize this  largely results from ancestral aspects of my old blueprint coupled with lifelong habits that supported them. While one side of my ancestry seemed to maintain expectations and acceptance of mediocrity to descend through the generations, the other esteemed hollow symbols of success which I refused to  embrace. Failure seemingly resulted as my habit, my functional belief before I even began anything!

female warrior

So that formerly tranquil field of mediocrity is now drawing fire, and it's ok! Anything worth  possessing is surely worth fighting for! This MKE journey makes it quite a simple task. Follow through; conduct the activities when directed, Do it mindfully! But it is not always easy! Stay true and honest with oneself; guard the thoughts so the conscious mind remains a worthy gatekeeper of the subconscious; get uncomfortable and do it anyway!


That fine estate is mine and I possess and cherish it! There is nothing greater.


No neglect, excuses, servitude, apathy, unbelief, laziness or melancholy; and definitely no ragged old recycled hand-me-down blueprint is going to keep me from it!


MKE Week 5- My FAT Wallet and Other Fascinations

This amazing journey we know as the Master Key Experience has just reached another level! The law of giving is dynamic; it's kinetic; and it's immediate! And my wallet is getting tough to close. Just as Haanel states in 4-21, "The more we give, the more we shall get; we must become a channel whereby the Universal can express activity".

As an introvert this fervent focus on giving and being a grateful receiver is new for me and yet the dividends seem as if they were just waiting for me to openly act. In the last week, I have:

  • Sold three high-dollar items I am no longer using- with EASE;
  • Received special orders to be made for holiday gifting;
  • Acquired two new members in my business organization- with EASE

As we work to refine our Definite Major Purpose statements, one of my needs is autonomy. Until last year I managed a high-end Italian restaurant, which I enjoyed for a number of years. Within that last year, however, the stressors of the job began to outweigh the dividends and as a highly respected business acquaintance of mine is famous for saying, "If you're not having fun, you're done!" As "fun" was becoming a distant memory I elected to leave the industry in 2016; putting the detractors, along with the dividends,  in my rearview mirror.

Since that time I have not looked back with any regrets, but the one pothole in my journey needing a good solid patch has been the obvious discontinuation of income.  My sweetheart is perfectly happy with me piloting my own life, working or not working as I choose. But I need challenge, drive, passionate purpose! Until recently I've been trying to fulfill the external with the external, failing to make use of that subconscious power and living within very narrow limits (Haanel 5-1). No more!

As I hear it, there is a fine estate awaiting a claimant (5-14). I earnestly desire it. I assert my claim. And I take possession. And I'm headed to the bank! My wallet is full.





MKE Week 4- Guarding the Garden

"…I am prepared for wisdom and principles which will guide me out of the shadows into the sunlight of wealth, position and happiness far beyond my most542d09b527c6b30b470123e623e4ea28 extravagant dreams until even the golden apples of the Garden of Hesperides will seem no more than my just reward". -Greatest Salesman

I decided to delve into that garden to enhance the mental image accompanying Mandino's message as I read it. With the beautiful imagery comes the story that absolutely aligns the Garden of Hesperides with the garden that is my world within.

The mythological Garden of Hesperides is Hera's orchard in the west, from which golden apples  grant immortality when eaten. The hesperides were nymphs tasked with tending the garden and were found to take of the apples for themselves. Hera placed a never-sleeping, hundred-headed dragon in the garden to further safeguard it.

The Titan's Curse  by Rick Riordan provides great descriptive imagery to the garden. The garden is described as the most beautiful place ever seen. The grass shimmers with early evening light, the flowers so brilliant with colors they nearly glow by night. There are stepping stones of polished black marble encircling a large tree with every branch glittering with the golden apples of immortality.

tree-brain-rightAs I ponder this, why shouldn't my world within be this garden? I create the within, do I not? I should find within it the most brilliant colors, the richest textures, the warmest light emanating from there! Additionally, I do need my hundred-headed dragon, my conscious mindfulness,  to safeguard it. For if it's left open to intrusions, perhaps the old thoughts, the old blueprint, external opinions or influences of others, then my garden will be the same old dusty patch of infertile soil I have known. As I renovate my inner garden there's no doubt the golden apples of a new abundance I've never experienced will be MY just reward! When this fruit comes to full harvest, then I am immortal in legacy, in the fulfillment of all that I'm purposed with here on this earth!