Gratitude: Not Only For What Feels Good! MKE Week 22

Gratitude For My Tea Tag?!

A simple message from a tea tag changes everything!
Manifesting a new perspective from my morning tea

What a wild ride! The Master Key has really taken me for a loop and I have gratitude in all aspects of it. The lessons come far more often than I recognize and then the important ones return in fresh form in order that I might recognize them… this time! I’m so grateful that I get to play with these things until I get it!

My old patterns of being -what we call the old blueprint in the Master Key Experience- is waging war with me in my experiences of late. And it won’t let go easily. I didn’t form that blueprint overnight, so skill and practice will clearly help eradicate less than ideal ways over time; but not overnight!

Who I AM is NOT What I Do

From the very start of the process nearly 6 months ago, I began writing a statement about what my ultimate purpose is, what we have called our Definite Major Purpose. I trimmed and refined this statement until the most laser-specific statement emerged. It’s a beautiful, nerve-wracking, harmonious process. And guess what? I completed it! But wait…

Is It Ever Truly permanently completed?

Time marches on and circumstances, otherwise known as LIFE, can come out of nowhere and rattle the foundations of all you think you know! This has certainly been the case for me of late.

Grateful to recognize old ways eventually passing!

That old blueprint is holding on to those bars and rattling the HELL out of them, reminding me of all I’ve known, lifelong. “Look! This is all falling apart”, “You didn’t seriously think THIS time would be different, did you?!”…and so on.

The very foundations of that statement I have written and rewritten over time have been completely cleared away. Why? Maybe I confused my purpose with my present external circumstances and my limited “HOW” to get there. And now the present “HOW” is standing on extremely shaky ground.

I have often limited my desires with trying to sort out how to achieve them. Continuing to hit and miss the answers about how to discover my dharma, I keep pressing onward. I have the tendency to let circumstances spool up my emotions and send me in loops of confusion and overwhelm. And then, a simple message from my teabag: Your potential self is infinite! #Grateful!

Still Boggled But Not Letting GO

Perhaps the biggest challenge that has been revealed for me through the Master Key process is this. It must begin with BELIEF. Your potential self in infinite! YES!

And so, back to the drawing board I go. I begin again, knowing that I have learned that I get to play with this! It is supposed to be FUN! Life is too short for anything else. I will continue to sort out what brings passion and joy to my reality and write these things into my ultimate plan and purpose. These things cannot be shaken by external circumstances. Yes, variables always come into play, but I ultimately control whether variables become another intriguing piece of the puzzle, or utter devastation. I choose to play this game for intrigue and fun!

Here is an exceedingly helpful audio! It’s helping me as I move along!


Infinite gratitude, love and manifestation!

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Rebecca Ann

I'm a recovering perfectionist cultivating joy, adventure and passion by observing and learning from and through my varying environments. I live unapologetically, yet humble; adventurously yet calculating of risks; creatively while forever working to enlarge my patience to continuously learn new things, within and without.

9 thoughts on “Gratitude: Not Only For What Feels Good! MKE Week 22”

  1. Oh yeah- and your message on the tea tag. Perfection! That’s no coincidence! That was meant for you! … And your potential self is definitely infinite. We can choose which direction we wish to grow, right! 🙂 I have no doubt you’ll tap into precisely the right path for yourself. Precisely your gift and purpose. Love to you on your journey.

  2. Love your attitude, your playfulness, your commitment to play with the material, and your sense of humor! The image of the monkey shaking the bars is perfect! 😀 Also love your authenticity and genuineness and willingness to look at yourself playfully and to put yourself out there! And of course, your persistence and beautiful spirit shine through! Keep on, you’re rockin it!

    1. Thank you, Laura! The real beauty in writing these blogs is that enriching comments like yours lift me up to remembering what I myself wrote. I have a responsibility to then pull myself out of the pit when I am there, because my own words and your encouragement gently remind me to get my head back in where it needs to remain.

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    Firstly “Gratitude For My Tea Tag” I love this, what a unique message in a unique place… and your working through your challenges which is awesome. You mentioned “standing on extremely shaky ground.”
    I am with you Rebecca, and I am sure many of us on the course feel that way at some point but like you are doing, working through each issue as it comes up, as Mark says “You know this- you have the answers”
    And that’s what I say when I hit a wall with my growth and my wheels start to fall off. Each lesson is there to teach us to “search within” and the answers are there, with the help of the MKMMA. You are doing great, Rebecca
    love Philip 🙂

  4. I really like the message to make what we’re doing fun–easier said than done sometimes but well worth the effort! That WAS a helpful video… and keep reading those tea tags! 🙂

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