Meet Rebecca

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I enjoy all things outdoors. Within a few hours any given day, I can find myself in a rain forest, a semi-arid desert, an alpine lake, the Pacific ocean, snow-capped mountains and more. This region is equally a creative  hub which is gradually awakening a burning, needful desire of mine to allow creativity to emanate from me and  know no bounds. For years I knew I needed to learn to do SOMETHING with my hands. That something became defined as knitting after learning to knit in 2006. In following years, I would pick up the knitting now and then. In 2014 I also decided to try spinning my own yarn, which finally also begat weaving.



My creative passion grows daily within the realm of the fiber arts. Be it fiber from sheep, llamas, alpacas, camels, dogs, rabbits, worms, bamboo, cotton, soy or otherwise, I never tire of having some form of fiber in my hands to spin, dye, knit and weave. I perpetually feel a sense of belonging when I am working in this medium.

Through a continuing journey of personal self- development and discovery, I endeavor to release the creativity in me to freely  and openly express! Most currently I am now also a gallery owner and knitting is winning in emphasis due to its sheer portability. My gallery hosts the creative works of over 70 local artists, all of which truly inspire me. Through the platform of this creative and energetic space, I endeavor to grow myself and my exploration of art and culture around the world.