MKE- How to Show Up Authentic 101

This week I am encountering myself. How I wish to show up fully, thoroughly, without my wardrobe of masks and with authenticity. It seems I’m so used to wearing those masks, I struggle to know who I really am. These tendencies were never materialized from a motivation of being fake, but that is the inherent result all the same. Like muscle that is atrophied, it becomes so easy to lose shape and strength. After long enough, I add the story that this is just the way it is.

Realizing these things finds me at a distinct crossroads. I can take the red pill or the blue pill. I can plod along on what seems as if it were an easy path and do the same thing; with the same results and the same output. Or I can double down and choose the more difficult, higher risk, more likely to stumble, rediscovery of what I don’t know that I don’t know path. And I can begin to live. I’m fighting for my life, not my mere survival and therefore the second path is inevitable.


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Rebecca Ann

I'm a recovering perfectionist cultivating joy, adventure and passion by observing and learning from and through my varying environments. I live unapologetically, yet humble; adventurously yet calculating of risks; creatively while forever working to enlarge my patience to continuously learn new things, within and without.

3 thoughts on “MKE- How to Show Up Authentic 101”

  1. Yes, Rebecca, we are much more than the "roles" we play..the mother, the worker, etc etc. We are the Soul…what an amazing journey to cut the cement…you are on your way! Bravo!

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