MKE Week 11- One Step at a Time Is Not Too Difficult

I will persist until I succeed! "…from childish swipes the oak will eventually tumble." I will indeed remember to bend the ancient law of averages to my good. I will ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep my eyes on the goals above my head!

There persists the old question often surfacing: "How does one best eat an elephant?" You know the answer: "One bite at a time". The basic truth this message conveys can get lost on us former perfection paralytics. Life often catches me evading matters when I have not mastered them, even at the first attempt. Given a lifetime of such paralysis, one can imagine the figurative pile of "uncompleteds" drifting in my wake. Thankfully there is no room for that here in the Master Key! 

Using the Master Key, I'm empowering my new blueprint to always interject, ever pressing me forward on my New Path. Where I so frequently would turn around and confirm defeat, I now persist and plug forward. Each blow against the tree of my former life blueprint may indeed be trifling and seem of no consequence. But I persist and I succeed! The true gem in the process is this: I am available, I bring the materials, I provide the blueprint. The perfect design and architecture is not up to me! I don't have to fear the future, nor question the success of this endeavor, so long as I remain faithful to the tasks that belong to me. "What things so ever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." I desire them; I believe in them; I seek them, and I shall have them!

I build my castle one brick at a time. Fear, improbability, mistake, failure; none of these possess the land any longer! They have been evicted. But just like any sloppy tenant, sometimes it takes time to clean up the refuse left behind. Every heap of old blueprint disposed brings me closer to my mansion. At times I wind up dragging a bit of it back on my heel. But as the site gets cleaner, I will champion the effort and only the bright new creations of my thoughtful design and effort will prevail!   


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Rebecca Ann

I'm a recovering perfectionist cultivating joy, adventure and passion by observing and learning from and through my varying environments. I live unapologetically, yet humble; adventurously yet calculating of risks; creatively while forever working to enlarge my patience to continuously learn new things, within and without.

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