MKE Week 12- Energy With Focus Starts Fires

No task is successful without keen focus. "If a sculptor started out with a piece of marble and a chisel and changed his ideal every 15 minutes, what result could he expect? And why should YOU expect any different result in molding the greatest and most plastic of all substances, the only real substance?" (Haanel 12-7)

Uh oh. 

"The result of this indecision and negative thought is often found in the loss of material wealth. Supposed independence which required many years of toil and effort suddenly disappears." (Haanel 12-8)


Did I just read my biography? Again, again and again I find my old blueprint seeping up through the cracks of my consciousness, working me into the mental lather accurately described above. Energy without keen, singular focus is best described as mental lather; lots of production that lacks substance at its conclusion. That old blueprint would have me lose my grip and only hold my magnifying glass by a string. As soon as I focus on the image it magnifies, the focus of that old glass is moving off in another direction and focusing on another object.

Nearing the halfway mark of MKE and I am intently focused on two things: burning the old blueprint once for all and keenly magnifying my focus on what I want; the design for my now and my tomorrow.

"Your ideal must be sharpclear-cutdefinite!"

No scattering of my forces. These words are sensible on paper but only valuable when practiced. No more negativity, anxiety, worry or fear; only magnified focus on my mental diet. For negativity and its counterparts I substitute my focus on growing my ability to cooperate with the Omnipotence  and Omnipresence of Universal Thought. No more will I allow these scoundrels to rob me of my prize. From today forward I wil sit in quiet repose and continue until I KNOW I am connecting with the infinite.

No longer do I set this gem that is the Master Key on the shelf for later tinkering when I feel bold enough or "when I have time". That time never arrives! The only time is NOW! Down with the old blueprint. Today is now. Now is now is NOW!

I persist! I win! 



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I'm a recovering perfectionist cultivating joy, adventure and passion by observing and learning from and through my varying environments. I live unapologetically, yet humble; adventurously yet calculating of risks; creatively while forever working to enlarge my patience to continuously learn new things, within and without.

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  1. Hello my friend,

    I always enjoy reading your posts. I am glad your husband has been medically cleared after the motorcycle accident. 

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