MKE Week 13- Casting Off Fear FOREVER!

-Hi there! Yes you! If you are in a hurry, please pass my writing and take the 5 minutes to view the video linked at the end of the blog. It may change you!

Throughout the Master Key, there have been so many ideas that have particularly stuck with me. I must confess that I adore how often the priniciples are likened to weaving, tapestries, looms and fabric since I am a new weaver. When I weave, the fibers, the shuttles, the final cloth, the creative energies, all provide for me the same analogous mind work as found in our texts. My abilities have certainly improved since beginning the Master Key and I know it is due to letting go of perfection and, more importantly, FEAR!

"Thought will bring about conditions in correspondence with the predominant mental attitude. Therefore if we FEAR disaster, as FEAR is a powerful form of thought, disaster will be the certain result of our thinking. It is this form of thought which frequently sweeps away the result of many years of toil and effort." Haanel 13-16

It is easy to think of fear as a fleeting emotion, as if it leaves as fast as it arrives; a moment of indulgent absenteeism. As Haanel indicates, however it is a POWERFUL FORM OF THOUGHT. When one thinks of fear as a powerful form of thought, it becomes not so fleeting. It sounds more like an unwanted house guest, taking up residence against ones will. In fact it's a sloppy house guest, leaving a trail of rubbish in its wake; never honoring ones values; staying up late at night with the TV blaring. unaware or unsympathetic to the host's chosen habits. An ungrateful, unwanted, inconsiderate guest!

Exploring fear even further, let's contemplate our decision-making; all decisions we've made that come to mind: large, simple, miniscule decisions, everything. What makes the cornerstone of all the decisions we make? Honest introspection brings me to realizing fear has been my cornerstone! While fear has it's proper position in context, easily synonymous with common sense- do not climb into the lion exhibit at the zoo- the fear I'm addressing is that wall which obstructs ones path to potential GREATNESS.

"What if I waste material by messing up while I learn to weave?" 

"What if the people I share my business with reject me? Even worse- what if they get MAD at me?"

"What if my car gets dinged when I park in this busy parking lot?"

"I would love to travel, but what if the plane crashes?"

Fear,  Fear, Fear, Fear, Fear, Fear, Fear will guarantee mediocrity. So what do we do?

The Law of Substitution states that we cannot think about 2 things at the same time. Therefore when moving about the day, make the conscious effort to ensure that boldness and confidence in the making of your future self replace FEAR as the cornerstone of the choices made. Does this apply in every situation? YES! Because if you are fearful first, the big and small decisions emit from that form of thought; that WAY OF LIFE. 

I conclude here by sharing this most impactful  video, which set all this straight in my head today. Considering this man's persistent choices in continuing the dialogue, I'm certain FEAR would have made me completely ignore the first message had I received it. Yet look what happened because this man chose to continue! Please, if you often pass up such things, assuming you have gotten the gist of the message already, please CHOOSE to follow through this time. It may change you!

Here is the link:

I'll be the change I want to see in the world, first by letting go of FEAR!



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