MKE Week 14- “Wild”, Wildly Uninspiring

Well, this blog entry will be far too brief and simple. My chosen movie to view was, “Wild”. I wish I had selected another. I have not read the book yet, though I have a copy. I’m pretty certain I will forego that and use my reading time more wisely. I have previously read and viewed other life journey/trail-related stories that were intellectual, inspiring, challenging, life-changing. I would describe “Wild” more like a whiny, despondent struggling-to-work-a-drug-and-sex-ravaged-life out by charging into a major undertaking with the same level of preparation and experience as one charges into a drug-and-sex-addicted life with. I don’t recommend this movie unless one is trying to lose a couple hours, senselessly and wastefully.
There are too many inspiring stories out there to have to endure this one. With poor sound, lots of flashes of inappropriate actions throughout the movie and generally an overall lack of objectivity, I don’t find this movie necessary to try to draw some meaning from. Just as we address other aspects of our personal and business growth, if a child can’t do it, then don’t do it. Needless to say, this is not a movie for a child in the least.


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