MKE Week 17- They Say The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul

Windows to the Soul

To say that this weekend has been a pivotal and grand moment that defines the rest of my days grossly underestimates the reality of it! The term "breakthrough" equally expresses merely the slightest depiction of the reality. I believe no human words exist that could encapsulate all that has taken place for me!

For years I have been acutely aware of my insecurity in holding eye contact with anyone for any length of time; even my own daughter. All the effort I have put forth in my attempts to improve this trait have resulted in exhaustion with no significant change in my habits. ALL of this is now changed, forever!! 

Universe Eye

"Concentration is much misunderstood: there seems to be an idea of effort or activity associated with it, when just the contrary is necessary." -Haanel 17-6

This weekend I discovered the depth of the mutual exchange residing in the connection between two people when they look into one anothers eyes. The exercise which introduced this idea for me was one of the toughest things I have ever found myself performing. Exhaustive effort was necessary to carry it out. In very much the same way that a newcomer to fitness performs his new workout routine for the first time, my thoughts enveloped doubt and uncertainty. Focusing on this exercise and carrying through with it has ALREADY made it an activity requiring no effort or even conscious thought. Nothing sums up proof of this more than what I experienced at the airport upon returning home.

Having departed the plane I was waiting for the train to the main terminal when I noticed a man escorting a very slight elderly lady, presumably in her late 80s to early 90s. As I watched them approach a train car two away from mine, she glanced my way and I just felt the Smiling Eyeswhole of my being just BEAMING at her! She caught my eye and quickly glanced away with a smile on her face. But then the sunshine glory of her gaze returned to connect with mine and OH! The pure rapture of our connection! That encounter will NEVER, ever leave my memory! No effort or conscious activity on my part in this encounter would have done any more than hinder the utter beauty of the moment!

We may think we are here developing ourselves for our personal wellness and success and we are right. But there is SO MUCH MORE to it! This world NEEDS us! The world and the people living on it are starving for what we have to share! And as these gifts develop, we rapidly find that the Law of Giving and Receiving comes into action IMMEDIATELY! Why not give it a try! Everyone wins!



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