MKE Week 3- Two roads diverged in a wood…


                              It was only a week before the beginning of MKMMA, and I was marveling at three distinct occasions that this Robert Frost poem appeared in my interactions. I have not come across this poem in nearly 30 years, so the sudden exposure to it grabbed my attention.

I have been known to mostly travel those roads, grassy and wanting wear. It has not always been the easiest road to choose, especially when there were external influences applying pressure to enter the well-traveled road. As I ponder this from the road I stand on now, however, I can't help but find myself at a newfound set of two roads.


The operations of the mind are produced by two parallel modes of activity, the one conscious and the other subconscious." -Haanel 2-1

As I picture the two roads now, they are the conscious and the subconscious. I have been leading my life nearly exclusively with the conscious mind, creating a map of decision for myself looking more reminiscent of this.

All of my decisions have been based on analytical bets: What is the most strategic path for my best life? What will make me independent? What will make the significant people in my life happy? What is best for myself and my child? What will make me have success? The trouble with this gambling rests with the repeated attempts to make the most of the external… with the external:

I always ignored passions and seemingly unrealistic interests and considered them as hobbies, things to enjoy in the spare time I might gain someday after I have "made it" and I can afford to do something lacking worth. 

What backwards thinking! What a way to watch a life drift by, only to reminisce with regret at the end! As a consequence, I never "made it" but I have learned so much on my journey. All of those steps on the paths I've followed, graciously led me to the Master Key so that from this point forward I know what to do!

"The solar plexus has been likened to the sun of the body… and is thrown off in an atmosphere which envelopes the body.  If this radiation is sufficiently strong enough the person is called magnetic… and may wield an immense power for good." -Haanel 3-5,6


YES!!! I'll follow the sun! And I will allow the experience and guardianship of my conscious mind to serve in its proper parameters. It is liberating to know that, "this center of energy is omnipotent because it is the point of contact with all life and all intelligence," (3-11).  I only need to direct it to accomplish what I desire! Goodbye control-freak tendencies trying to figure out all the steps!




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