MKE Week 4- Guarding the Garden

"…I am prepared for wisdom and principles which will guide me out of the shadows into the sunlight of wealth, position and happiness far beyond my most542d09b527c6b30b470123e623e4ea28 extravagant dreams until even the golden apples of the Garden of Hesperides will seem no more than my just reward". -Greatest Salesman

I decided to delve into that garden to enhance the mental image accompanying Mandino's message as I read it. With the beautiful imagery comes the story that absolutely aligns the Garden of Hesperides with the garden that is my world within.

The mythological Garden of Hesperides is Hera's orchard in the west, from which golden apples  grant immortality when eaten. The hesperides were nymphs tasked with tending the garden and were found to take of the apples for themselves. Hera placed a never-sleeping, hundred-headed dragon in the garden to further safeguard it.

The Titan's Curse  by Rick Riordan provides great descriptive imagery to the garden. The garden is described as the most beautiful place ever seen. The grass shimmers with early evening light, the flowers so brilliant with colors they nearly glow by night. There are stepping stones of polished black marble encircling a large tree with every branch glittering with the golden apples of immortality.

tree-brain-rightAs I ponder this, why shouldn't my world within be this garden? I create the within, do I not? I should find within it the most brilliant colors, the richest textures, the warmest light emanating from there! Additionally, I do need my hundred-headed dragon, my conscious mindfulness,  to safeguard it. For if it's left open to intrusions, perhaps the old thoughts, the old blueprint, external opinions or influences of others, then my garden will be the same old dusty patch of infertile soil I have known. As I renovate my inner garden there's no doubt the golden apples of a new abundance I've never experienced will be MY just reward! When this fruit comes to full harvest, then I am immortal in legacy, in the fulfillment of all that I'm purposed with here on this earth!



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