MKE Week 8- However, when man awakens to the Truth…

It's amazing what one quiet meditative session can yield! As I have progressed to this point in week 8, I have had vast successes and yet something is still not aligning. The imbalance I have been sensing really reflected in my quiet times over the last couple weeks, as I have had difficulty focusing or spending the entire 15 minutes, let alone more. In an attempt to rectify this I chose myself as the object of my focus this morning. More specifically, what do I REALLY want out of this experience; out of my future self?

"People say they desire abundant life, and so they do. But so many interpret this to mean that if they will exercise their muscles or breathe scientifically, eat certain foods in certain ways, drink so many glasses of water every day of just a certain temperature, keep out of drafts, they will attain the abundant life they seek." -Haanel 8:21

This quiet meditative time was a bit soggy. I wept as I realized that my future self is still a stranger. I asked myself, "what do I want?". I thought through my Definite Major Purpose as it is written. I have actually written into it the external things that I think sound like they will help me get what I think I want. Yep, 8:21 describes me. Some of the elements included there, as I see them, make me want to respond, "Who is that?!" Back to the drawing board.



Mind you, these elements are all contained in my DMP. However, I find that I was trying once again, to determine how I was  going to create the external results- with external efforts. Truly this results in nothing more than building a house on sand. A house merely set on sand (external) will blow away with the first wind, or drift away with the first flood. For a house to stand, it must be rooted in the bedrock (internal)!

For the record, this is what I want, and a revision is coming. I want to restore my body to health and wholeness. I want a quiet and peaceful  mind. I want to write articles and books. I want to develop my skills and create using my cherished fiber arts. I want to share what I create with others, endeavoring to share the joy I gain in creating with them. I want to travel. A lot.

As you read your Definite Major Purpose, what are you feeling? Is it truly YOU that you have written about? If you find any sentence that seems to get hitched in your solar plexus, perhaps another revision is due for you too!

This is not a sprint. It's a marathon; one whose prize for FINISHING surpasses any pot metal trinket we can hang on our wall! I want it! No doubt you want it too! Let's go get that prize together!


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Rebecca Ann

I'm a recovering perfectionist cultivating joy, adventure and passion by observing and learning from and through my varying environments. I live unapologetically, yet humble; adventurously yet calculating of risks; creatively while forever working to enlarge my patience to continuously learn new things, within and without.

6 thoughts on “MKE Week 8- However, when man awakens to the Truth…”

  1. Amazing truth….and great question to ask yourself. Love your analogy…within and without….loved your insight. Yes, together we will cross that finish line, which is only a metaphor, are we ever really finished? 

  2. I love whitnessing the changes in your DMP as you evolve and grow on your path. Going deeper and deeper, less and less cement. I am happy to run the marathon with you 😉

  3. So beautifully and sensitively written. I too went through the process of "Is this really me. It's amazing to discovery the difference between fantasy and true vision coming from the soul. Great job shedding some soft light on. It is indeed a marathon and I need to ajust to that pace 🙂

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