Meet Rebecca

fullsizeoutput_36fLiving in the Pacific Northwest, I enjoy all things outdoors. Within a few hours any given day, I can find myself in a rain forest, a semi-arid desert, an alpine lake, the Pacific ocean, snow-capped mountains and more. This region is equally a creative  hub which is gradually awakening a burning, needful desire of mine to allow creativity to emanate from me and  know no bounds. For years I knew I needed to learn to do SOMETHING with my hands. That something became defined as knitting after learning to knit in 2006. In following years, I would pick up the knitting now and then. In 2014 I also decided to try spinning my own yarn, which finally also begat weaving. My loving partner built me a beautiful studio for it all. I think he knew he better find all this equipment and material a separate home!



My creative passion grows daily within the realm of the fiber arts. Be it fiber from sheep, llamas, alpacas, camels, dogs, rabbits, worms, bamboo, cotton, soy or otherwise, I never tire of having some form of fiber in my hands to spin, dye, knit and weave. I perpetually feel a sense of belonging when I am working in this medium.

Through a continuing journey of personal self- development and discovery, I endeavor to release the creativity in me to freely  and openly express!