Repose, Manifesting Peru Tour August 2020

REPOSE: Harnessing Its Priceless Value! MKE-18

repose- a state of rest, sleep, or tranquility.

How Repose Helps Manifest Your Desires

I’m enjoying the adventure of learning of the value of repose in manifesting my desires. Actually this lesson has been striving to convey itself to me for at least two years, as I recognize it now! Allow me to explain.

Over the last couple years I have experienced the “repose”, or tranquility in this case, of not being emotionally charged when seeking an outcome. I have learned that when my mind isn’t wringing itself with hopes and fears about outcomes they simply materialize. Here’s a fun example.

Repose, conditions, Manifesting with expectation
Similar to the shoes I bought with unexpected money!

Unexpected Money Shoes

About two years ago, I was arbitrarily telling a friend about some shoes I was thinking about the past three months. I told her about how they were unique and marked for a clearance sale and so forth. I’m not even sure why I brought it up in the first place!

She finally asked, “why don’t you just go get them?” I thought about this, and answered as I was thinking it through: “Well, I don’t need them, but I like them. I think when I receive unexpected money, I will go get them if they are still there.”

Repose = Tranquility of Thought

Well? You likely guessed where this is heading. On my way home that very day, I checked my post office box, not thinking at all about the shoes or my pronouncement of what would land them on my feet. I had not one, but TWO checks I was not expecting! One check came from my credit card company, and I never figured out why it came to me. The second was a birthday card from my Dad- THREE months early! Yep! Completely unexpected, twice over. Got my attention!

Repose= Rest From Agitation & Anxiety

Here’s what I learned from this and other experiences since. Often I am hoping for a thing to come to pass, but fearing and focusing on the what-ifs. What if it doesn’t? What if I’m in over my head? What if I’m not taken seriously? With that energy surrounding the thing, I risk manifesting the outcome that it doesn’t happen. Or perhaps it happens to a lesser degree.

I am building the practice of substituting belief and confidence when those anxieties begin to take shape. Those shoes and my lack of attachment to the outcome of having them, gave me a baseline to understand. When I just “put out there” what would send me to buy them, those conditions immediately arranged themselves! So how do I get that same energy working on my behalf when outcomes of greater importance arise?

Practicing It Where It Really Matters!

Consider the best example of my immediate present: the tour I want to host to Peru in August! FEAR kept me from even laying the groundwork to market it until a few weeks ago. As a result I have a good bit of groundwork before me.

Manifesting a Peru tour this August 2020 through repose
Machu Picchu, Peru, which we will visit on our tour in August!

This. Is. BIG!

I am far more charged about the outcome of my efforts for this than perhaps any other thing immediately. However I am only attached to the outcomes as a measure of how well I practice the process. Maintaining confidence and substituting assertions of success in place of fears is my focus. Stay tuned! And if you know someone that loves to connect with new cultures on amazing travels, please reach out! Full Itinerary and details here!

What is The Master Key Experience?

It’s a Self-Excellence process to bring about my best! Making good friends across the globe as we share this experience. Check out Polly’s blog and see how this process is shaping up for her!


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6 thoughts on “REPOSE: Harnessing Its Priceless Value! MKE-18”

  1. I really liked this: “I have learned that when my mind isn’t wringing itself with hopes and fears about outcomes they simply materialize.” Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences with repose! 🙂

  2. How I love your observations and your transparency!!! Those shoes and the story behind them – that is IT!!! A validation of the results of being detached. Shoes, Peru, being published….same-o, same-o!!! This has me all excited for you because IT IS HAPPENING!!!

    1. Yes indeed, Louise! Thanks for reading! I’m grateful for the proofs, the outcomes and, especially, the tests!

  3. Oh man I love that shoe story! There’s no telling what good is on its way to you right now to manifest your Peru tour dream! ?

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