Living Well in The Blur -MKE Week 23

View of my gallery from the street
The Gallery at Liberty Bay

Focused on Living Well as it’s needed most!

My goodness things can change quickly! Choosing to live well and practice self-care has just found its perfect timing within each of us. What a phenomenon when rapid changes affect everyone globally! Like I have seen so many others reference, it has been difficult to slow down enough to align my thoughts long enough to write.

Who knew we would ever witness, not to mention participate, in a series of events like this?

Personally, COVID-19 has brought the final hammer blow to my local art gallery’s physical location. What saddens me most is knowing the loss for the artists who depended on our little gem to keep them producing their creative works. But continue they shall if there is anything I can do about it!

Timely Lessons in Living Well

Just this past week during my mastermind, the term commencement was discussed. We think immediately of graduating a milestone level of education when hearing the term, as if it is the end of an activity or era. However the term actually relates to beginnings. Defined here:

com.mence.ment- a beginning or start

Just that simple. So I declare this new turn of events, my commencement. I do not allow for the conclusion of this gallery’s physical space to be its end. No way! I pledge to use all I have and will continue to learn to be the Greatest Salesman, giving my best; not doing the best I can.

The Gallery at Liberty Bay is celebrating its commencement! To see how this develops, follow The Gallery’s Facebook Page here! We no longer have the physical gallery. We also no longer have the physical gallery overhead! Silver linings are ALWAYS present if you seek them out.

Pulling it Together, Living Well When it’s Tough

Gratefully this Higher Self-Focused living brings great benefit for thriving through unprecedented times. Learning principles of being my best really allows me to observe how I am responding in comparison to how I previously have when adversity arrives. It seems that things can happen so quickly it leaves me spinning. But as I slowly come to rest and realize what just happened, I undoubtedly fair the storms better than in the past.

And now as I continue to fast track new ways of how to conduct business, I continually ask myself:

What does the person I intend to become do next?

My life vision is to connect my fellow humans to community through the art and creation of locals; here in my town and wherever my future travels take me. Art and handcraft connects people with each other and with past and future generations. My vision is unshakeable. No circumstance, even of global proportions, will cause me to stop. I persist until I succeed!