MKE Week 6- Steadying My FOCUS For EFFECT!

Let the glass be held perfectly still!

AS I consider years of ambitious dreams and frequent missing of marks of accomplishment, I am overcome with the considerations found in Part 6 of The Master Key System. As Haanel has so faithfully done up to this point, he illustrates with great words in the texts of part 6. Consider, for example, the illustration given of use of a magnifying glass to focus rays of sunlight: The rays of light, “…possess no particular strength as long as the glass is moved about and the rays directed from one place to another; but let the glass be held perfectly still and let the rays be focused on one spot for any length of time, the effect will become immediately apparent.” I cannot think of a more beautiful example of this fact but the following video I just recently came across. I promise this video will make you feel good!

Here Comes The Sun King

Art always finds a way. And so too, with a little help, does the human spirit. In Olympia we found a man who harnesses the sun to create beautiful art… and he does it in the bleakest of settings. It makes him happy, it makes him friends. And maybe it can give him a new shot at life. Eric's Heroes airs every Wednesday night at 6pm on KOMO News. (Shot by Doug Pigsley, edited by Darrin Tegman, and as always, thanks to producer Joan Kinsey) Send your Heroes ideas to: To see all of our Eric's Heroes stories, go to Eric's Heroes airs Wednesdays, 6pm, KOMO News

Posted by Eric Johnson KOMO on Wednesday, October 2, 2019
“With laser-like focus, he could…”

Through this elegant process of self-direction, I am focusing the rays of my innermost sunshine, my solar plexus, on my best life! I continue to refine my still and steady focus toward the life I want to live and steady my metaphorical magnifying glass. As I do I keep receiving simple little “gifts” of confirmation that my steadiness is improving. It is a delight to share a few examples.

In my significant relationship for which the long-range status has remained questionable for some time, I have recently determined that I must BE what I wish to have from the other. As soon as I steadied my focus on this affirmative determination, my yoga practice greatly improved with the very next session. Before this session I struggled hysterically with balance, yet immediately observed significant improvements!

I am continuing to steady my determination toward completing the services I promised within this process. As I do, I continue to find more peace and far less freneticism within my days. Gradually my sleep is even improving, a result I have sought in several ways over the last few years! Who knew? Simply making the mental determination to shift into more purposeful thinking and daily operating creates a fertile soil for authentic life change! I’m ALL in!