Yipes! Time For Action to Rattle My Subconscious!

Tapping into the Subconscious

Nothing bears greater importance in life than subconscious action; taking the time to think and thus direct your goals and dreams into manifestation.

Some people find that magical space in sitting still. Others find it climbing mountains, making music or writing phrases. I appreciate at least a bit of all of it. One of my favorite introspective activities is walking in nature and discovering what magic my natural surroundings have to share in lending me examples about life in general.

Nature leaves hints about living an active life, beginning with the garden of the mind- the subconscious!
One of my favorite Pacific Northwest wildflowers: Lupines!

I LOVE taking walks in nature, enjoying the meditative sounds of the wind and the songs delivered on wings. The tree that’s given its life as a sacrifice for others beginning life from it. The thorny thistle that has germinated from its seed in heavily compacted road bed. The boulder being held in place for all it’s worth by a few exposed roots of an eroded tree. So many lessons if we but listen and observe.

And Then, I Heard It…

The steadfastness of these exposed roots are all the "action" that hold this boulder in place!
So much meaning in this natural view!

It’s in this mindset I whisked away on an evening walk a few nights ago. Walking the familiar path, I tend to tune out. The area is simply beautiful, peaceful and miles from any traffic. Surely my mind tunes into a deeper, calmer, creative state as my senses continue to increase observances of all that surrounds me.


The next thing I know, I stop still in my tracks, wondering how I have never noticed the sound of a sprinkler head this far down the road from the house I am staying at.

It seems my subconscious, having no mind of its own to create, decided on the most immediately familiar interpretation of that sound. That is until my intellect jumped in and said, RATTLESNAKE, perhaps followed by a few other choice terms.

Honestly? I don’t remember for sure. All I know is for a split second my intellect and my legs may have been witnessed dragging my subconscious away from the scene before it fully “came to” and decided the necessary immediate action.

For a fascinating article about the Northern Pacific Rattlesnake, click here!

The “Subby” Sits in Neutral

All kidding aside, this experience rendered a MAJOR example for me of what I have recently learned. Sometimes the things we assimilate in training and education only really hit home when we’ve experienced some tangible exercise with it. I’ve learned that the subconscious is a “collector of information” but lacking direction, action or initiative on its own.

Do I Plant in Dirt? Or Soil?

Think of the subconscious as a gardener’s soil: the gardener can plant nourishing food or a poisonous nightshade. The soil doesn’t care. It just provides the environment for whatever plant -or plan- is selected. Some would say the subconscious in and of itself is “dumb as a brick”, and I must laugh when I think of my scenario in which my subconscious suggested the sound of a rattlesnakes warning was likely a sprinkler head.

fertile soil manifestation abundance, subconscious in action!
Well-prepared soil yields a great garden!

Carrying forward with the soil corollary, just imagine what we can do with the richest, most fertile soil for the crops we wish to grow in our life. Does a skilled gardener merely pile some dirt up , throw some seeds on and wait to see what happens? NO! In fact a true gardener likely spends more tender loving care with preparing the SOIL than they do the rest of the process. With good, fertile, rich soil, the rest moves along smoothly.

The Action Takeaway

I’m learning as I move along to equally care for the soil of my subconscious so that my big dreams actualize and my time on this planet makes the impact it’s intended to. Does this sound like something that aligns with your thoughts and wishes? Imagine preparing the richest, most fertile garden of your life by preparing the soil of your subconscious with purpose and direct intentions! It’s my pleasure to share with you how! Comment and subscribe below and I’ll continue sharing more about my experiences!

Adventure Manifesting
Just thriving in my adventurous, no-compromise life!

Living Well in The Blur -MKE Week 23

View of my gallery from the street
The Gallery at Liberty Bay

Focused on Living Well as it’s needed most!

My goodness things can change quickly! Choosing to live well and practice self-care has just found its perfect timing within each of us. What a phenomenon when rapid changes affect everyone globally! Like I have seen so many others reference, it has been difficult to slow down enough to align my thoughts long enough to write.

Who knew we would ever witness, not to mention participate, in a series of events like this?

Personally, COVID-19 has brought the final hammer blow to my local art gallery’s physical location. What saddens me most is knowing the loss for the artists who depended on our little gem to keep them producing their creative works. But continue they shall if there is anything I can do about it!

Timely Lessons in Living Well

Just this past week during my mastermind, the term commencement was discussed. We think immediately of graduating a milestone level of education when hearing the term, as if it is the end of an activity or era. However the term actually relates to beginnings. Defined here:

com.mence.ment- a beginning or start

Just that simple. So I declare this new turn of events, my commencement. I do not allow for the conclusion of this gallery’s physical space to be its end. No way! I pledge to use all I have and will continue to learn to be the Greatest Salesman, giving my best; not doing the best I can.

The Gallery at Liberty Bay is celebrating its commencement! To see how this develops, follow The Gallery’s Facebook Page here! We no longer have the physical gallery. We also no longer have the physical gallery overhead! Silver linings are ALWAYS present if you seek them out.

Pulling it Together, Living Well When it’s Tough

Gratefully this Higher Self-Focused living brings great benefit for thriving through unprecedented times. Learning principles of being my best really allows me to observe how I am responding in comparison to how I previously have when adversity arrives. It seems that things can happen so quickly it leaves me spinning. But as I slowly come to rest and realize what just happened, I undoubtedly fair the storms better than in the past.

And now as I continue to fast track new ways of how to conduct business, I continually ask myself:

What does the person I intend to become do next?

My life vision is to connect my fellow humans to community through the art and creation of locals; here in my town and wherever my future travels take me. Art and handcraft connects people with each other and with past and future generations. My vision is unshakeable. No circumstance, even of global proportions, will cause me to stop. I persist until I succeed!


IMAGINATION Is Your Workshop -MKE Week 20

Imagination, Dream, Manifest

Never Did I Imagine…

Imagination. A tool used in multiple tenses. For instance I am experiencing imagination in the past tense as in, “Never did I imagine the negativity and bullying my current vulnerability could evoke”. Never did I imagine that circumstances outside of my control, coupled with my need to directly mitigate them would result in others questioning my integrity, nor the outright impersonal attacks I have received from people I don’t even know.

Imagination + Learning + Creating = EVERYTHING!

Why do I share this now? Because timing is EVERYTHING and this week’s Master Key lesson #20 helps me imagine, creatively, what comes next! Through all of this I am learning and I am creating.

Imagine yourself as a sculptor in your own workshop. Your workshop is your special, peaceful, magical haven. It saturates all 5 senses of anyone who enters with the very essence of everything you are! It is your personal space of solace. I especially sense this in my own workshop!

You are a visualizing entity. Imagination is your workshop.” -Haanel part 20, sentence 9.

Close That Door… Do It Now!

workshop, studio, imagination

With this in mind, would you invite someone or something into your workshop that would change that? If a strong wind blew and sand and garbage were flying through the air, would you leave the door open so your environment and your art would be contaminated by debris? How about a stranger who is speaking poorly of you and your work? Is there an open door policy to your workshop for them? Of course not! So, why treat our inner workshop, our imagination, any different?

In the past I have absolutely internalized rude comments, sour sentiments and thoughtless criticism. Surely my number of cycles around the sun have helped me let those things roll off now. But I know what I am currently experiencing and the way in which I am not responding can not be credited only to that.

Sow In That Rich Soil- Only GOOD!

Our imagination is likened to the soil in a garden. The soil doesn’t care what seeds are sown, be it a deadly nightshade or a delicious heirloom tomato. It performs its duty for the seed. Our imagination, our inner workshop likewise does not care which we choose to imagine. We are always manifesting. If I am abundant in grief and trouble, I first look inward for the source.

One may say then that I must have manifested what I am experiencing. Actually I am manifesting my best inner peace and positivity in this storm. My workshop door is closed to these forces to protect the beautiful environment I maintain therein.

This power of thought, if understood and correctly used, is the greatest labor-saving device ever dreamed of, but if not understood or improperly used, the result will in all probability be disastrous, as we have already seen…” Haanel part 20, sentence 13

Create Only Beautiful Art Of Your Life!

The greatest understanding one can obtain is this: the inner self creates the external circumstances, always! The external does not create the internal. There are moments when protecting your inner imagination workspace from the outer environment is necessary. How do you confirm that you have established this inner peace? It is tangibly evident when peace defies what’s happening all around! I am there, and I hope for the very same for you!

This Master Key Experience is amazing! Don’t just take my word for it! Check out Derek’s blog right here!

Dream Courage Inspire Harmony Manifestation Imagination
Have courage to dream! Watch what happens when your thoughts and imagination are in harmony with the things that inspire you most!

Master Key Week 14- A Gold Metal is a Wonderful Thing…

“A gold metal is a wonderful thing, but if you’re not enough without it, you’ll never be enough with it!” -Coach Irv Blitzer, portrayed by John Candy

This story shares so much inspiration for the hopefuls of the world, especially those that wrestle with naysayers and/or perceived impossibilities that also happen to be the very goals they are striving for.

For me, this one quote from the movie, “Cool Runnings” drills down to the core of any goal I wish to achieve. What is it going to take to reach my goal? What if I achieve it? What if I don’t?

I must be ready to accept what is required to reach my goals. Attaining the target of my desire takes WORK, a dirty 4-letter word these days, it seems. Our contemporary society has developed a mindset that attainment should be fast, just as much as it should be easy.

As I continue on this Master Key journey, I am acquiring an excellent working/specifying/visualization ratio for achieving all I desire with and for my future self. I am learning to embrace the journey itself. This is life-changing for me, as I have skated through my journey in a disconnected, get to the end sort of way. To what end? I never really knew. Now I know where I am headed. I have the tools needed for the journey. Best of all, I AM enough without the desired outcomes, just as I AM enough with them!

Curious about this Master Key journey? Check out my friend Philip’s blog about his experience here!