There’s a Love That is Fiercer

And A Music Higher…

My heart is full singing with love… and so am I. Those of you that know me well, know that sounds completely foreign! I’ve previously conducted little challenges in my head like, “hmmm; would I stand up in a bar and do karaoke if someone offered me $10,000 to do it?”

That depends, Love. How long do I have to think about it?

Up until recently, I’ve lived life cautiously, comfortable and closed. Afraid of what others think. Heck, afraid of what I think! Recently I’ve been changing the way I operate. I’ve gone through a process that is enabling me to be ever-conscious of what drives my decisions and how I choose to stretch my life to fill every crevice of this always expanding container it fills. Today, I did something different; VERY different!

Musical Notes, artistically presented
What is the song of your heart?

I Sang. Out Loud.

Yes! I sang, even out loud. Outdoors. I was on my walk through this beautiful valley. Nobody was around. And I sang.

There’s a song that has touched my heart ever since I first heard it. It once held special significance for me, but time and experience changes things and thoughts of special things fade, you know? I started to listen to it again about a year ago. For some reason, it drew me in again. I suspect it was the inner nudge that I would be seeing a lot of change in my life very soon. More than I realized then, this song has been an anchor for me, holding fast in a most stalwart manner until I returned. Curious? See the beautiful video of the artist performing this song that nourishes my soul, right here!

Love Always Responds!

While I haven’t been able to get through hearing this song without shedding joyful tears, I found I also couldn’t sing it without tears. I can’t speak for the animals within hearing; their tears may have been of laughter? Or pain? Just kidding! But here’s what’s most striking about this experience. As soon as I finished singing, I heard the sound of galloping to my right along the hillside I was walking near. Two beautiful does were running alongside me, later crossing my path and then walking alongside on the adjacent hill for a while. It was not unlike seeing the Blue Angels fly by to commemorate something special. And it touched my heart.

Dare To Change!

What is one thing you know that holds you back? That thing you wish you had the nerve to dare to do? Change a career? Run a marathon? Sell everything and GO? Sing out loud? Nike says, “Just do it,” yet many of us know we’re not going to change it that easily.

If you are looking for the tools to help forward you to making new strides in your life, stick with me! Make sure you are notified of my posts as I release them. This coming September, The Master Key Experience 2020 will commence and I’ll be sharing the details here about how you can apply to be a part of it! In the meantime, I’ll continue writing of the real-time changes I’m experiencing because I dared to embark on this experience last September! It’s only the beginning for me! Are you ready for yours?

One More Thought…

I must just share one more message in the form of another live performance by Rich Mullins. Rich left us such beautiful gifts before he passed away. Though this video seems to begin slowly, I encourage you to listen to the full 5 minutes. Rich describes the place he was in his life at the time of writing this song. That message and the lyrics of the song demonstrate the hope there is in taking one more chance; later finding the great gratitude that you did, because EVERYTHING works out in your story!


Allowing GRIT to Create the Pearls

Temporal Eureka? Or Flowing Abundance!

It’s not often in my life that the flow of abundance in my life gets challenged by an errant order, or too much change for my purchase. And I have never been the discoverer of an abundant bank bag errantly flung from an armored truck along the side of a road. Surely you have heard at least one story in your lifetime related to someone that found a treasure of some sort; a treasure that seemingly would change the discoverer’s life, only for them to return it even while the victim of the loss is unknown. Crazy, right?

Well today was different for me as I received five of an item I ordered one of; a value of $80 for the price I paid of $16. Honestly my initial reaction was… SCORE!

manifesting abundance best life
~Just keeping it real here, ok?

But then I began to think about the processes I’ve been enjoying on my path to achieving my BEST life. I’ve got big dreams, far bigger outcomes than accepting a small savings based on someone else’s error. SO? I am sending the extra items back.

How Silly… Right?

PAY ATTENTION to your thoughts in response to this and simply appreciate it as feedback about your very own personal path. It’s truly an interesting self-study! I will be the first to admit, I have responded differently than this all my life. I have been the incredulous one questioning the sanity of the persons that call the sheriff when a bank bag containing a large sum of cash was discovered. Read on to find out why I am changing this!

abundance manifestation flow
Standing in the flow of abundance!

Not the Same, and I Don’t Want the Same

As I continue on in The Master Key Experience, things that seemed small and insignificant, such as the thought of considering it lucky to receive more than I paid for, grow in importance.

“But surely that company paid pennies on the dollar for the item I bought.”,

“Nobody will care or be any different if you keep those items.”,

“Well the seller should be more careful about their inventory.”

I can honestly say that those sentences above reflect thoughts I have experienced before. Can you relate?

I wish to be riding in an imminent flow of abundance, both to and from myself! If I fail this small, insignificant-seeming test, where does that leave me? If I am seeking My Best for my life, how do these “small” acts of COMMISSION align with my dreams? Answer…

They DON’T!

Perhaps the mega seller of these items would never notice or care. But that is not the point! Perhaps there will be no direct reward for my gesture. Again, not the point. The point is how the seemingly insignificant matters, and will align or directly contrast with the flow of abundance in my life, as directly controlled by my own decisions.

I’m Playing a Bigger Abundance Game!

The treasure I am seeking with every fiber of my being far surpasses any trinket of acknowledgement rewarded by another well-meaning person. I have no intention of sounding harsh, but wish to convey that the ultimate reward for me to consider is basking in the dynamic flow of abundance!

Through my journey forward to my best, one thing I have promised is to give without expectation of reciprocity from the channels I enrich, because I am in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving. I wish to do ALL things to remain in that flow because my dreams are big! If I TAKE even a pittance that doesn’t belong to me, how on earth can I remain in dynamic flow? How can I receive big gifts if I allow myself to get hung up on the smallest things?

Since I choose to BE my best when tested with this small exercise amongst others, I cannot wait to see the results in my life. Join me in this adventurous journey and stay tuned as I share more flow of abundance as exhibited in my life!

manifestation abundance travel
“Revealing the GOLD!”
The Grand Palace of Bangkok, Thailand, one of many travels that teach me so much.

Gratitude: Not Only For What Feels Good! MKE Week 22

Gratitude For My Tea Tag?!

A simple message from a tea tag changes everything!
Manifesting a new perspective from my morning tea

What a wild ride! The Master Key has really taken me for a loop and I have gratitude in all aspects of it. The lessons come far more often than I recognize and then the important ones return in fresh form in order that I might recognize them… this time! I’m so grateful that I get to play with these things until I get it!

My old patterns of being -what we call the old blueprint in the Master Key Experience- is waging war with me in my experiences of late. And it won’t let go easily. I didn’t form that blueprint overnight, so skill and practice will clearly help eradicate less than ideal ways over time; but not overnight!

Who I AM is NOT What I Do

From the very start of the process nearly 6 months ago, I began writing a statement about what my ultimate purpose is, what we have called our Definite Major Purpose. I trimmed and refined this statement until the most laser-specific statement emerged. It’s a beautiful, nerve-wracking, harmonious process. And guess what? I completed it! But wait…

Is It Ever Truly permanently completed?

Time marches on and circumstances, otherwise known as LIFE, can come out of nowhere and rattle the foundations of all you think you know! This has certainly been the case for me of late.

Grateful to recognize old ways eventually passing!

That old blueprint is holding on to those bars and rattling the HELL out of them, reminding me of all I’ve known, lifelong. “Look! This is all falling apart”, “You didn’t seriously think THIS time would be different, did you?!”…and so on.

The very foundations of that statement I have written and rewritten over time have been completely cleared away. Why? Maybe I confused my purpose with my present external circumstances and my limited “HOW” to get there. And now the present “HOW” is standing on extremely shaky ground.

I have often limited my desires with trying to sort out how to achieve them. Continuing to hit and miss the answers about how to discover my dharma, I keep pressing onward. I have the tendency to let circumstances spool up my emotions and send me in loops of confusion and overwhelm. And then, a simple message from my teabag: Your potential self is infinite! #Grateful!

Still Boggled But Not Letting GO

Perhaps the biggest challenge that has been revealed for me through the Master Key process is this. It must begin with BELIEF. Your potential self in infinite! YES!

And so, back to the drawing board I go. I begin again, knowing that I have learned that I get to play with this! It is supposed to be FUN! Life is too short for anything else. I will continue to sort out what brings passion and joy to my reality and write these things into my ultimate plan and purpose. These things cannot be shaken by external circumstances. Yes, variables always come into play, but I ultimately control whether variables become another intriguing piece of the puzzle, or utter devastation. I choose to play this game for intrigue and fun!

Here is an exceedingly helpful audio! It’s helping me as I move along!


Infinite gratitude, love and manifestation!

Focusing On Kindness and Waking UP! MKE Wk 16

Creating my best life by appreciating my inner vision through meditation.
At home appreciating the outdoor beauty as I work on my cards, blog and business

Beautiful Weather, Kindness, Peaceful Introspection

For the first time in a year, I have spent 3 continuous days at home! I purchased an art gallery last January and I run it 7-days a week with an occasional day off every couple weeks. I can’t help but recognize the ultimate kindness of a break while my partner operates the gallery for me! Focusing on kindness is what I’m all about this week!

For week 16 of the Master Key Experience we are observing and participating in kindness all around us. Can you imagine? This is a global effort; individuals recognizing, implementing and appreciating the kindnesses around them on at least 5 continents! And it is AMAZING!

Kindness in action! Contribution for the greater good.
So Grateful for Dave, clearing the way to encourage the safety of our visitors!

While we have been snowed in (doesn’t take much where I live) I have been home enjoying solitude. Recognizing kindness may be slightly more challenging, right? On the contrary I am in the flow of kindness! Fellow merchants focusing efforts and collaborating to post publicly that our businesses are open; people taking extra time to hold doors while others carefully navigate their way across risky parking lots; even others shoveling public right-of-ways to promote safe movement.

Lest We Forget Where We Experience Kindness Most!

On the subject of kindnesses, though, I can’t refrain from mentioning my partner, George. Upon his return from his last stretch of government employment, he has shown me such amazing love, commitment, devotion and desire. He is so giving, thoughtful and dedicated in everything he does. I can’t express gratitude enough. And to think we were previously heading a much different direction. It is such bliss to have him home after his final seven months employment were a plane rides distance.

During this snow event George has been going in and opening the gallery for me, giving me the time to relax, rest and do some catching up on other aspects of my life. Beyond this he has given me amazing massages, made me coffee, taken me to dinner, spoken sweet and meaningful words, held me closely and so much more.

Nothing better than two hearts beating together! Focusing on Kindness TOGETHER!
Love, Peace and Harmony

Should Focusing on Kindness Conclude at the End of This Week?

Where does all this leave me? I will continue observing, implementing, appreciating, BEING kindness within my world. I choose to continue to grow this quality in my life, substituting it for the snarky and bitter viewpoint so readily prominent within me and my old blueprint.

This week has changed me. I observed something within myself while observing this focus on kindness around me, especially relating to the kind acts that were meant for me specifically. I have a lifelong, subconscious habit of waiting for the shoe to drop. “That person has shown me kindness because…. _____________.” I was always waiting for the motive to become clear and usually while feeling a sense of fear.

Let's live up to focusing on being kindness in our world!
Wisdom from a Wise Man!

For this reason alone, if I had no other motivation, I will carry this exercise beyond this week so that I practice this giving and receiving of kindness for the authentic purpose of kindness until my heart and my head wrap around the fact that its only purpose is for greater good. We tend to live up to our expectations after all!

Thank you for letting me share with you about my experiences here! You must go check out Esme West’s blog about how she is encountering kindness week! From Esme: “If what we are asking for, if what we are focusing on, if what we are showing to the world and looking to observe in the world is Kindness, what do you suppose will happen?” Thought provoking!


Master Key Week 13- Analysis Paralysis? Not Hardly!

In this day and age, we hear so many popular phrases such as “analysis paralysis”, “overthinking”, etc. I know I become guilty of overthinking and yet it seems that we are more guilty of lacking critical thinking. For example:

As obtuse an example as this “quote” is, it was certainly generated by someone poking fun about how so many “facts” are disseminating straight out of mindless fabrication.

In part 13 of the Master Key, Haanel discusses Lord Bacon’s development of the Scientific Method some 300 years ago. This, (…method of Bacon has seized the spirit and aim of the great philosophers of Greece and carried them into effect by the new means of observation… thus gradually revealing a wondrous field of knowledge…, ” in all areas of human thought and research. (Haanel 13-6)

A practical illustration of self-directed thinking based upon Sir Bacons Scientific Method.

In our present day, reaction seems to dominate logic. We are elicited to react from every angle and every source: the news, social media, coworkers who relate what they hear from the news and social media and more. Is there any better time to develop our self-directed thinking muscles than now? I think not! ANY individual that decides to take their critical thinking into their own hands makes that moment of decision the very BEST time; the best NOW!

Check out this blog from Randy Kalisek! A great excursion into his own Master Key experience!

This Master Key Experience promotes the development and/or strengthening of self-directed thinking, no matter from what point of experience one is encountering it.

You gotta work it to keep it!

Not only am I building my level of focus for the things I wish to develop in my future; I am also fine-tuning my own personal thinking “muscles”. Just as one must continue to work on the musculature of the body to maintain its fitness, so to must the brain be continually exercised for optimum wellness. Continuing to master self-directed thinking and focus guarantees successful outcomes.

A little work daily in these arenas “sag-proofs” our minds, bodies and outcomes. I am so grateful for this journey! Maintaining the focus on my desired outcomes keeps me sharp and guarantees that what I wish to manifest comes to pass. As Mandino expresses, “Good habits are the key to all success”. It basically comes down to a daily, even hourly decision: do I discipline myself and act for new results? Or do I allow mediocrity to be the winner of the day, living a life of quiet desperation? I choose to make the time to create exceptional circumstances from this day forward, each and every day!