There’s a Love That is Fiercer

And A Music Higher…

My heart is full singing with love… and so am I. Those of you that know me well, know that sounds completely foreign! I’ve previously conducted little challenges in my head like, “hmmm; would I stand up in a bar and do karaoke if someone offered me $10,000 to do it?”

That depends, Love. How long do I have to think about it?

Up until recently, I’ve lived life cautiously, comfortable and closed. Afraid of what others think. Heck, afraid of what I think! Recently I’ve been changing the way I operate. I’ve gone through a process that is enabling me to be ever-conscious of what drives my decisions and how I choose to stretch my life to fill every crevice of this always expanding container it fills. Today, I did something different; VERY different!

Musical Notes, artistically presented
What is the song of your heart?

I Sang. Out Loud.

Yes! I sang, even out loud. Outdoors. I was on my walk through this beautiful valley. Nobody was around. And I sang.

There’s a song that has touched my heart ever since I first heard it. It once held special significance for me, but time and experience changes things and thoughts of special things fade, you know? I started to listen to it again about a year ago. For some reason, it drew me in again. I suspect it was the inner nudge that I would be seeing a lot of change in my life very soon. More than I realized then, this song has been an anchor for me, holding fast in a most stalwart manner until I returned. Curious? See the beautiful video of the artist performing this song that nourishes my soul, right here!

Love Always Responds!

While I haven’t been able to get through hearing this song without shedding joyful tears, I found I also couldn’t sing it without tears. I can’t speak for the animals within hearing; their tears may have been of laughter? Or pain? Just kidding! But here’s what’s most striking about this experience. As soon as I finished singing, I heard the sound of galloping to my right along the hillside I was walking near. Two beautiful does were running alongside me, later crossing my path and then walking alongside on the adjacent hill for a while. It was not unlike seeing the Blue Angels fly by to commemorate something special. And it touched my heart.

Dare To Change!

What is one thing you know that holds you back? That thing you wish you had the nerve to dare to do? Change a career? Run a marathon? Sell everything and GO? Sing out loud? Nike says, “Just do it,” yet many of us know we’re not going to change it that easily.

If you are looking for the tools to help forward you to making new strides in your life, stick with me! Make sure you are notified of my posts as I release them. This coming September, The Master Key Experience 2020 will commence and I’ll be sharing the details here about how you can apply to be a part of it! In the meantime, I’ll continue writing of the real-time changes I’m experiencing because I dared to embark on this experience last September! It’s only the beginning for me! Are you ready for yours?

One More Thought…

I must just share one more message in the form of another live performance by Rich Mullins. Rich left us such beautiful gifts before he passed away. Though this video seems to begin slowly, I encourage you to listen to the full 5 minutes. Rich describes the place he was in his life at the time of writing this song. That message and the lyrics of the song demonstrate the hope there is in taking one more chance; later finding the great gratitude that you did, because EVERYTHING works out in your story!