Travel Blog-Thailand, Day 1, Bangkok

After an amazingly long journey, we have arrived in Bangkok. We arrived to a lovely condo we have use of while here, What a great relief to plant some relaxing roots while our bodies adjust to the changes. Changes in time, (+12 hours for Betty, +15 hours for me), changes in climate with much more warmth and tons more humidity and changes in culture.

Right off the adventure begins. Betty made us some instant coffee. I downed a cup knowing it wouldn’t affect my sleep rhythms any more than the off time adjustment will. It felt grounding to do this, until…

About an hour after we drank coffee, Betty mentioned that she forgot about the water. So we’ve hit the ground running, hoping it will not become a pun. As is so often reiterated, it is best to avoid the local tap water, as your body is familiarized with the water you drink at home, not to mention different water filtration qualities are used all over the world. I recall in Peru that even the locals didn’t drink the tap water. Yes, Betty used tap water. At least we are in this together!! 

We will see what the following days or perhaps hours bring. 


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