Travel Blog- Thailand, Day 3-4

It is Sunday morning, and we are antipating the arrival of our car and driver to assist us in heading north. We have a general plan with wiggle room, to visit some of the old cities, participate in a home stay, visit some vast culturally differing areas, celebrate the natural surrounds, and more. I am excited to visit and participate in some of the local silk raising and weaving traditions along the way!

We spent much of yesterday shopping; everything ranging from a local handicrafts market to a six-level shopping mall with an aquarium, zoo and entire floor dedicated to exotic cars!

The McLaren, an exotic car close to my heart as I am of Clan McLaren! ❤️

Our visit to the small business market was truly interesting! A frenzy of vendors selling everything ranging from fried worms and grubs, fish for pets and eating, pets ranging from dogs, foxes, and rodents, some of which I didn’t recognize to  handcrafted items. Of course the handcrafts grab my heart.  This is the piece I couldn’t leave without. A beautiful woven scarf with locally spun, hand-dyed yarn. It consists of a shimmering cotton and silk. It was a pleasure speaking with the vendor about her family traditions from the northeast region of Thailand.

And now, we get to go to the very region where all this handmade beauty emanates from! Stay tuned!


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  1. What a magnificent scarf!!!  I am looking forward to your blog about the north country.  What a fantastic time you are having.  Living my dream.  I can't get enough and am so excited for you both!!!  Blessings!!!

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