Travel Blog- Thailand, Foodie Day Part 2 at the Akha Cooking School

Making the curry paste

After being SO impressed by my guide, Niti, during the fresh market tour, I elected to register for her cooking class for the evening. There were 5 other enrollees and we had another fabulous time! We made -and ate- so many dishes, it was amazing! Niti began with having us choose from a full menu.

In each category we chose one dish to prepare. My choices were Papaya salad, one of my favorite Thai dishes, Tom Kha Gai soup, and Red Curry with Chicken. Additionally we each made from scratch the curry pastes needed for our entrees, spring rolls,  an Akha salad, an Akha soup  and mango with sticky rice for dessert. Needless to say, this days combination of fresh market tour and cooking school make for a very robust day of eating! Not one of use could finish all we had. 

Fabulous papaya salad and spring roll!

For this post, I’ll allow the photos to give the greatest story! If you’re traveling to Chiang Mai, you MUST take Niti’s market tour and her cooking class!


Feels great to have learned how to prepare a great Thai meal!


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